Desert Safari with Quad Biking Tour

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Desert Safari with Quad Biking

Desert safari is already is quite exciting with dune bashing and camel riding, but there’s more you can do that will up ante. Quad biking in Dubai desert is another fun and exciting activity that will get your heart racing and adrenaline pumping. Why? It’s because in quad biking, you are the one incharge and in control. You alone will ride the bike, and conquer the golden dunes of the desert.

Once the Desert Safari with Quad Bike Tour starts, you will be first experiencing dune bashing. The powerful SUVs are made for the desert and will ensure you are safe, without compromising on the fun and excitement. Post a small resting period, you will have an opportunity to ride the quad bike alone for 15 min to 20 min. If the rider is younger than 15 years of age, they will have to be accompanied by a trained staff member. The bike does not require specials skills. Very easy to ride and handle. Off you go to conquer the treacherous dunes.

After enjoying the quad bike, we head to the desert camp where there are a host of activities for you to enjoy. You can do some came riding, which is again an awesome activity to do. You can do photography during sunset or take pictures of yourself in traditional Arab clothing. You can then indulge henna painting, shisha smoking, BBQ dinner, belly dancing, fire show and more, before its time to head back to the hotel.

Therefore, choose Dubai Quad Biking Tour and add more to your desert safari experience


What To Expect at Desert Safari with Quad Biking?

A roller coaster ride in the desert and a culturally settled camp with dinner is always a good idea. Dubai desert safari is the quintessential activity that fits in every kind of journey. There are several ways to discover the beautiful expanse of desert, and one of the hit packages include desert safari with quad biking.

Unlike most safaris, this package has quad biking, not as an option but a mandatory activity. You can experience the thrills of jumping over the golden dunes in the desert, riding a heroic vehicle and dining in an unusual setting. Here is a rundown of what your safari will look like:

The Adventure

We duly select the drivers from a sea of candidates who are qualified and trained for the job. One of them would arrive in a luxurious 4WD vehicle at your mentioned pick-up spot. Be comfortable in your seats, read magazines, glance at the sky-soaring buildings and hear history tales from the guide.

When you cruise into the desert, the vehicle starts roaring. The driver plays Arabian music and the adventure is about to begin. It's an electrifying performance where a skilled driver would bash the dunes strongly. Scaling the dunes as high as an 8-storey building and then skidding down challenges your guts. It is completely safe and is done under necessary precautions. You do not have to worry, rather have to make unforgettable memories when the vehicle slides, glides, leaps and zooms out in the sand.

After a nail-biting 45 minutes dune bashing, we would take you to the quad bike camp. This is further interesting and exciting as you are going to be behind the wheels.

Quad Bike is a four-wheeled vehicle that can run on all kinds of terrain. It has low-pressure tires, and a steering wheel with handlebars. Given the picturesque setting and an uninterrupted ride, this is one of the most demanded activities in the safari. People want to explore the desert on their terms. And nothing is better than the thrill of quad biking. The guide will inform you of the requisite tips and how to control this vrooming vehicle. Once you and your guide are on the same page, gear up and get ready to scour through the desert. It ups the adventure quotient when you find the hurdles like uneven sand and heights.

Another recreational activity, sandboarding is in the queue. Tie the board to your shoes and ride across or down the sand. Compete with your partners, have fun with family and laugh out loud while you try it for the first time.

The Landscape

Amidst these activities, there will be chances where you can hop off, take a break or unwind in this stunning place. The scene is mesmerising. The sunsets transform the sky from blue to orange to red, and sand gives the golden shine. Grab your camera and take tons of pictures from all angles and perspectives, because this magnificent outlook is something you will not find elsewhere.

The Culture

Let's make it extravagant now, as you head towards the Bedouin camp. Inspired by the Emirati culture, this is an exotic set up with tents, sofas, couches, cushions, pillows and old-style illuminations making it worth every moment.

Look towards the stage as the stunning belly dancer is here to rock the party, while you will be treated with refreshments and dates. The woman is well-trained and gracious in this traditional form of dancing. She would spread the charm of her moves in the ambience and all you would do is "Wow".

Don't get over her so soon, as the Tanoura artist comes with a mind-blowing performance. Tanoura is a spiritual traditional art form where the artist seeks closeness to Almighty. He would spin and spin for innumerable times and stop like that.

You would be again fascinated by the quirky fire show where the stuntman would show unusual and freakish dares.

As the live entertainment concludes, mix up with the crowd and stroll to buy souvenirs. Also, find a henna designer embellishing the hands and feet of the tourists. Get along if you want one. Then, put on the elegant Arabian dress that used to be the primary costume in olden days. You are welcome to take pictures of yourself.

Sip on the unlimited shisha available in different flavours.

The Food

This bonanza gets delicious when the buffet is arranged. The lavish spread of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes looks scrumptious. Our master chefs cook these amazing array of dishes, which includes soup, main course, BBQ dishes, and dessert. It is a multi-course dinner that will fill in your appetite and sooth your taste buds.

The driver would drop you off after a satisfying evening.

Desert Safari with Quad Biking Prices and Locations

Starting from : 410 325 AED