Dinner in the Desert Dubai

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Dinner in Dubai Desert

For the guests looking to enjoy the desert without the hullaballoo of dune bashing, and quad biking; we offer you the opportunity of a peaceful time at the desert with our 'dinner in desert tour' package. While the highlight of this package is the scrumptious dinner complete with barbecue, salads, main course and mouth-watering desserts, we do not give our guests a chance to get bored.

This trip to the desert would give you the opportunity to enjoy the beauty of the place in a relaxed manner. You can sit back and enjoy the sunset, take pictures as well as view the wonderful falcon show. Those interested can try out the Arabic costumes and take pictures. Apart from this, there is the option to apply henna tattoo and also to watch the graceful belly dancing.

Whatever be the occasion, be it your birthday, wedding anniversary or a get-together with family and friends, this package is the perfect way of enjoying the Arabian hospitality without the adrenaline rush of an adventure.


What To Expect at Dinner in Dubai Desert?

To explore the desert, Dubai is bringing up a plethora of options. While some of them fascinate the adrenaline junkies, few impresses the culture seekers, and the rest combines both the itineraries.

This dinner in desert experience is for those who want to ditch the idea of adventurous activities and learn about the Bedouin culture along with savouring a flavourful dinner. It's not a dull journey where you will remain as a mute spectator. Rather it is a concoction of thrilling and exciting events from the chances of photography to watching the falcon show.

Driver arrives for the pick-up

A reliable, courteous and qualified driver would arrive in the luxurious vehicle, which is air-conditioned and well-maintained. Sit inside, feel comfortable and gaze at the sky-soaring architecture. After being collected from your hotel, it would take approx. 45-60 minutes to be at the destination. It is beautiful to observe the vibrant streets as you head towards the desert.

Get dazzled by the Sunset

We know as you will hit the desert, the vision that will steal your attention is the sunset. It looks as if the sun is drowning in the desert and transforming the dunes to an astonishing red. This view, this amazing spectacle will bring out the photographer inside you. Get your cameras off the bag and snap some legit great photos. Upload them on Instagram and let your followers see what a wonderful time you are having.

Explore the Falcon Show

Skip the adventurous routine of dune bashing or quad biking, and enjoy a regal sport, the falcon show. Falcon is a majestic creature and the national bird of the UAE. This is a trained show where you will marvel at the traditional falconry. The birds rise high, fly through, and swoop down at a tremendous speed which is worth watching. They are lured by the preys and they will hunt them furiously. You will recognise that Falcon seeps into the culture as it is imprinted on street signs, currency and even the national emblem. And today it has grown to be a royal sport. You will have an up-close interaction with this giant bird as he sits on your gloved hands. What are you waiting for, get a picture of this wow moment!

Admire the Belly Dancing and Tanoura Show

The camp is beautifully set up, influenced and inspired by the Bedouin lifestyle. As you make yourself relaxed on the cushions, carpets and sofas, the stage is lit on fire and the belly dancer graces the ambience. Belly dancing is the traditional dance of the Middle East which has gradually changed in forms and dresses in different parts of the world. The dancer is skilled and gorgeous. She performs with the utmost calibre and poise. During this, you will be greeted with coffee, water and other refreshments, sweets and dates.

It is followed by the very talented Tanoura artists. Performed by Sufi men on the folkloric music, it is mind-blowing when seen in live. It is a form of dance that aims to reach spiritual inner purity. The mic-drop step is when the artist makes innumerable spins in one rhythm that will make you drop your jaw and forget your counting. He will stop abruptly in 30 minutes without any dizziness.

The long colourful illuminated skirt looks bewildering and as the dancer swirls, the skirt makes spectacular geometrical patterns. Both the performances will take your breath away.

Dig into the lavish buffet

Unwind and laze here in this calm surrounding, while the buffet is arranged. It is time you treat yourself to an authentic meal in the majlis-style seating, under the sky. Now, this is the highlight of the escapade. You would drool over the dance and entertainment when your appetite is happy and satiated. Thus, we take complete care of the dinner. The team organises the best buffet cooked by pro chefs with the seasonal ingredients. The barbecue is luscious and freshly cooked. The multi-course meal has a great selection for both vegetarians and non-vegetarians. You would be swept by the combination of stunning views around you and the assortment of dishes in front of you. It is excellent for those who look to connect with nature, thrill and fun along with a good dinner.

Relish the most scrumptious meal of your life and look ahead for endless fun.

BBQ Dinner Menu

Revel in other forms of entertainment

Since it is nothing less than the five-star facilities, an array of activities are lined up.

Sit and sip shisha in different delicious flavours. (That too unlimited). As you stroll around, you would find an expert doing brilliant henna designing.

There is no doubt that you would be tempted by it and would desire to adorn your hands too. Well, not a bad decision at all!

Don't be surprised when you find a tourist in an Arabic dress. You can also grab the chance to get more intimate with the culture as you put on the traditional Emirati dress. You can carry these memories with you back home in the form of photographs.

After the event, the driver would promptly arrive and drive you back home/ hotel.

Feeling hungry? Book your dinner in desert tickets and set on a culinary expedition that blends well with the exhilarating activities.

Dinner in Dubai Desert Prices and Location

Starting from : 1250 938 AED