Dubai Burj Khalifa Tour

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Dubai Burj Khalifa At The Top Tour

Dubai's Burj Khalifa needs no introduction. Since the time of its announcement, it has enticed people all around the world. Known as the tallest building in the world, and is definitely the showstopper of Dubai's skyline. So, if you do not visit the Burj Khalifa during your visit to Dubai, you would definitely be missing something huge. With our Dubai Burj Khalifa tour package, you would not only be able to see the steely structure from outside but enjoy the beauty of the building from the inside.

With this tour package, you would receive transportation facilities as well as Dubai Burj Khalifa tickets. The tickets would give you the right to enter the building and visit the Observation Deck (At the Top) on the 124th floor. The Dubai Burj Khalifa tour begins with the visit to the museum on the ground floor where you get to see the story of the building through pictures and videos. Once this is done, you hop-into the fastest elevator that would take you up to the Observatory Deck. Here, you get to see the entire Dubai city and beyond through a bird's eye view.

When you receive the Dubai Burj Khalifa tour tickets, you are entitled to a tour of the building for 30 minutes. If you want to avail the transportation service, you need to mention the same at the time of booking.


Dubai Burj Khalifa At The Top Tour Prices

Starting from : 198 162 AED