Dubai Canal Cruise

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Dubai Water Canal Cruise

With the blend of gold-hued desert and shimmering shoreline, sky-touching buildings, and hundreds of years old homes — Dubai stands as a living museum. It has a manmade island, an Olympian-sized ice rink, the world’s biggest buildings, the only 7-star hotel, and the tallest choreographed fountain. Among its many mind-blowing projects, Dubai Water Canal is one of the most expensive and riveting attractions. We bring you the best way to explore it: Dubai Water Canal Cruise.


What to Expect at Dubai Canal Cruise?

There is no better way to soothe your mind than the sounds of seas and oceans. It gets magical when you get to experience this calm in the middle of the buzz of the urban landscape. Dubai Water Canal Cruise is a laid-back and enchanting escapade that sails across the beauty of the city. For your convenience, the trip starts with the pickup facility, which is available if you have selected the option. We have polite and trained chauffeurs who arrive at the mentioned spot to drive you through the city routes to the canal. You can also choose the cruise package without transfers and reach directly at the port.

At the location, a red carpet is laid out for a warm welcome to all the guests. Once you hop on the beautiful and luxurious cruise, you will be served aromatic coffee, dates, soft drinks, and unlimited refreshments. Sip on the welcome drinks while the cruise glides along the canal.

Dubai Canal is a long waterway that stretches 3.2 kilometers from Dubai Creek, cutting through Sheikh Zayed Road and plunging into Arabian Gulf. It is a beautiful intertwining of waterway and pavements.

As the dhow cruise sails, look out and gaze at the cloud-piercing skyline. Take your time to admire the glory of Dubai from a unique perspective as the cityscape looks straight out of a movie. Your cruise will pass by legendary attractions such as Burj Khalifa, the world’s tallest building, and JW Marriott Marquis. Keep your eyes glued to the glass window because the skyscrapers swipe like you scroll your Instagram feed. You will be able to check out the landmarks like the Dubai Festival City Mall, Business Bay Bridge, Safa Park, Westin Hotel, Dubai Design District, Ras Al Khor Bird Sanctuary, Burj Al Arab, and Downtown Area.

Five iconic bridges cross over the canal and create a scenic visual. Waken your senses to the illuminating Sheikh Zayed Bridge that looks like a spectacle in the evening. It is home to a centerpiece of the Dubai Canal, the Sheikh Zayed Bridge Waterfall, a manmade electronically-operated cascade. Interestingly, it stops flowing and sputtering when the sensor detects any boat or cruise crossing by.

While you admire the skyline, a sumptuous three-course international buffet is spread out. It is a well-crafted menu offering the most delectable local specialties and grilled dishes. Soothing music plays in the background; there are live saxophonists and musicians.

Guests are expected to dress smartly and modestly. After all, it is an evening of luxury, indulgence, and entertainment. After you have enjoyed till your heart, you will return to the port and then be taken back to the rendezvous.

Why You Should Choose the Dubai Water Canal Cruise?

We have a fleet of luxurious and decorated water canal cruises in Dubai. Our cruises are well-built and maintained by handpicked staff members. They cater to your needs throughout the voyage. While the interior gives you a rustic Arabian vibe, the outdoors transports you to a fairytale. Dubai is a beacon of luxury and grandeur, evident through the cruise’s vantage point.

Our cruise has numerous facilities for the guests to spend the evening in leisure and comfort. The staff is well-mannered and polite. The decadent buffet with alcohol (available at surcharges) will satiate your taste buds. Even after you depart the cruise, there is much to do in the neighborhood. The canal is flanked by a 6.4 km-long promenade, distributed in cycling lanes, running tracks, and hangout areas. It has an array of shopping and eating centers.

If you want to explore other regions of the city on a cruise, you can also opt for Dhow Cruise Marina and Creek. Moreover, you can combine two unique experiences into one combo, such as Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise tour, which saves time and money.

What are the Dubai Water Canal Cruise Timings?

The boarding time of the Dubai Canal Cruise is 8.00 PM, and it takes about 2-2.5 hrs. to complete the experience.

Dubai Canal Cruise Prices and Offers

Starting from : 250 225 AED