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Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo

Dubai is home to some of the most unique or on-of-a-kind attractions. The

Dubai Aquarium with Underwater Zoo

is one such example. What makes the place unique is that it is located inside the largest mall in Dubai, the Dubai Mall. This is a must-see experience when in the city and we can arrange the Dubai Mall Aquarium tickets for you.

Known to be the largest suspended aquarium in the world, you enter the aquarium through a tunnel where you would find more than 30,000 aquatic animals. Some of the inhabitants of the aquarium include piranha, snakes, pelagic fish, rays, snakes, sharks, penguin, lizards, etc. You would also find a 40 year old giant crocodile that weighs 750 kg, here.

After walking through the aquarium, you would get to tour the underwater zoo where you would find some interesting creatures. Otters, water rats, lionfish, Archerfish, seahorses, giant spider crabs, etc. are some of the inhabitants of the place. While the

Dubai Mall Aquarium tickets

would give you access to all these, you can enhance your experience with walk through tunnel and snorkelling cage activities. However, you need to pay extra if you want to indulge in any additional activities.


  • Dubai Mall Aquarium
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  • Entrance Tickets for Dubai Mall Aquarium
  • A beautiful view of the Underwater Zoo Aquarium
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Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo tickets

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