Hatta Mountain Safari Tour
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Hatta Mountain Safari

We give you an excellent opportunity to break away from the hustle and bustle of the Dubai city life with the

Hatta Mountain safari

It is a half-day trip and the tour would start for Hatta in Oman early in the morning. The Hatta desert is surrounded by the picturesque Hajjar Mountains where you can enjoy taking a dip in the cool mountain pools as well as go dune bashing.

Another major highlight of the place is the Heritage Village where the ancient village of Dubai has been preserved. Here you can visit 200 years old mosque and an ancient fort. You can also view Bedouin-styled huts. Although the focal point of this safari is the Hatta desert and the village, the six hours journey to the destination is no less exciting. The scenery is mind-blowing, so do not forget to carry your camera. Also, we would take a short break at the carpet market where you can buy intricately woven carpets as well as beautifully made potteries.

The Hatta Mountain Safari is a one-of-a-kind trip and should not be missed.

Hatta Mountain Safari Prices
Starting from : 450 326 AED