Morning Desert Safari in Dubai

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Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Most desert safaris are planned for the evening time, as the temperatures are much cooler. However, if you truly want to see and experience the beauty of the desert, the Morning Desert Safari Tour is the way to go. In the morning, the air is cold, but the sun rays are warm, making for a perfect atmosphere. You will really appreciate the beauty of the desert.

The early morning desert safari Dubai starts off with an exciting round of dune bashing. The powerful SUVs transform into thrill machines, as they fly over the golden dunes, giving you a ride more exciting than a rollercoaster. The drivers are absolute experts and you will always be safe despite the crazy ride. On your way, you will also get a chance to see the rare flora and fauna that lives in the arid desert. This is good opportunity to click some memorable snaps.

Once you are done with dune bashing, the Dubai morning desert safari also gives you the option of quad biking on a fast and agile ATV, sand boarding on huge dunes or camel riding on the fastest, friendliest camels. The whole tour will last about 2 hours, and you will be picked up and dropped off to your hotel, leaving you with a whole day to enjoy other activities.

So, don’t wait. Grab your any morning desert safari deals, and enjoy the desert and its true beauty.


What To Expect at Morning Desert Safari Dubai?

Are you falling short on time to explore everything in Dubai- especially the desert safaris? The morning desert safari is here for the rescue. It is short and crisp; yet imbibes the essence of the culture and adventure.

Starts right from the dawn, as the sun rips apart the darkness and finishes by the time the sun reaches over the head. So, the advantage is you get to revel in the desert at a cooler temperature and cover most adventurous activities in a brief time. Consequently, you can spend the rest day in finding the other gems of the city.

Why you should select Morning Desert Safari?

Since this your first escapade of the day, needless to say, the energy is high and pumped. You would be pepped up to hit the desert. Look forward to seeing the rare species as Arabian oryxes and gazelle species, fresh desert, stunning scenery and exhilarating activities.

The experience of morning desert safari is cool and rejuvenating. While many people think evening safari is better than the morning one in terms of temperature and timing, then they must know that the former includes few activities to be done in the heat of the city, while the latter has a chiller environment and wraps before the sun gets hot. In the morning the slanting rays of the sun spread across the desert, which is not harsh and prickling. So, the time you spend in the morning desert safari is breezy, beautiful, uncrowded and vibrant.

How you reach the desert?

We have a fleet of luxurious vehicles, regularly maintained and well-serviced for your convenient trip. One of our qualified and hand-picked drivers will arrive at the destination. Early in the morning, our courteous driver would park at your doorstep. He would arrive in a 4WD vehicle which is spacious, comfortable and luxurious, also equipped with necessary amenities, water, etc. He will open the door for you and let you sit inside in the maximum peace. The city would be relaxing at this early morning and you can witness the calm and unchaotic streets. From there you will head towards the heavenly land of desert.

What activities you could do here?

Dune Bashing

Morning desert safari is dedicated to the adventurers out there. And thus, the escapade begins with a challenging dune bashing. Part of Dubai's culture for centuries, dune bashing is done in convoy of vehicles and safety is at foremost. The driver is trained for the stunt and will ask you to strap to the seats. As the vehicle whines, get ready for an unforgettable and adrenaline rush ride. The vehicle will skid, slide, bounce and you will tilt all across the seats. You will feel the goosebumps when the SUV jumps on the dunes as high as nine-storey buildings and plummets equally low in feet.

While all the heavy lifting is performed by the experts, you have to just enjoy the moment. Scream with joy every time the vehicle pounds the dunes at nerve-wrecking heights. This goes on for 35-45 minutes with the background of Arabian music, that will uplift the mood.

Camel Riding

Connect with nature and wildlife of Dubai, as you ride the ‘ship of the desert’. The convoy of the vehicle will reach the camel farm. Make yourself seated on their backs, and straddle them like nomads. It feels as if you have landed in another world of solitude and tranquillity. Experience how people in olden days travelled from one place to another. The guides alongside will make sure that the ride goes without any hitch and hurdle.

To get off, the camel would first sit on the front legs and then the hind legs, making you wobble. So, hold on tight to escape any kind of hurt.

Sand Boarding

Following these sports, you are given a short break. Stroll around, take pictures, relish the refreshments, and explore the desert. Bask in the minimal rays of the sun while the desert remains cold from the night. Levelling up the thrill, sandboarding is another opportunity to rush your heartbeats. In this, a board is tied to your feet and all you got to do is push it with the right concept to make it move forward. You can either slip on the sand mounds or rise high.

If you have ever done snowboarding, this is going to be easy for you. Otherwise, you can ask the trainer to help you learn the ropes.

Quad Biking

The adventurous streak continues with the all-terrain vehicle, quad bike. It's time you embark on a self-drive journey. The bike is strong and will require you to gear up. Take the help of the guide and equip yourself with all the necessary wearables, like helmet, gloves and more. They will also tell you the tricks to ride this and make it hassle-free. It is interesting to be discovering the red Arabian desert by being Paul Walker of your life. All our bikes are serviced and advanced to maintain your safety and provide top quality satisfaction.

Once you are done with all kinds of activities and snacks, the driver will drop you back to the hotel.

The morning desert safari is a great trip that has been wowing millions of people for years. Book your tickets and jump on the bandwagon.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai Prices Location

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