Overnight Dubai Desert Safari

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Glipmse of Overnight Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Sunset, sunrise and sleeping under a blanket of stars, the Overnight Safari is one of the most enjoyable desert safaris ever. Packed with many features, the Overnight Dubai Safari will ensure you have the best desert experience.

The safari starts with you being picked directly from your hotel and taken into the desert for dune bashing. After this exciting activity, you also have the option of quad biking, or sand boarding. Both activities are solo activities, and you will be in control the whole time. Nearing sundown, you’ll be taken to the amazing desert camp which looks like an Oasis, to enjoy some Dubai desert fun activities. Do take pictures of the setting sun.

At the camp, you’ll be spoilt for choice on what activities to indulge in. There’s Henna painting, photography, shisha smoking, snacks and refreshments. Best would be to grab a cup of authentic Arabic coffee and sit by the bonfire. Soon, it will be dinner time, which is a wonderful spread of vegetarian and non-vegetarian BBQ food. During this, you’ll be entertained by Tanoura and Bellydancers.

In the night, you are provided cozy sleeping bags and tents. Falling asleep under the stars is an indescribable feeling. You can also choose to stay up, sit by the bonfire, drinking unlimited coffee or tea, conversing with your friends or family. In the morning, watch the sunrise, and enjoy a hearty breakfast, before being dropped back to your hotel with memories of wonderful Overnight Dubai Desert Safari.


What To Expect at Overnight Dubai Desert Safari?

Adventure in the evening, camping as the sun sets, sleeping under the sky at night, and opening your eyes to the quaint sunrise- an overnight desert safari is a beautiful escape from the mundane life. Deeply rooted in traditions and equipped with modern amenities, the safari is a perfect fit for travellers of all kinds.

A Luxurious Start

The professional driver will arrive at the mentioned pick up spot, right on time. The vehicle is air-conditioned and well-maintained giving you a comfortable ride through the bustling streets of the city. As the buildings start to vanish, you will discover a stretch of red dunes all around you. The driver would enter the magnificent desert in style and here is the trailer to what is upcoming.

Audacious Dune Bashing

Get ready to explore the wavy dunes with the monstrous riding, yet completely safe. The trained drivers will control the steering and will alert you to strap yourself to the seats and experience the unbelievable. It’s like a roller coaster filled with numerous ups and downs. The sand waves are standing as high as eight-storey building and are equally sunken. So, the ride is challenging- at times you will cherish the whizzing and then you will also scream with joy on seeing the heights. The Arabian music in the backdrop would uplift the energy and make it more memorable.

Complimentary Camel Riding

Imagine the contrast of activities, on one side you went for an adventurous ride in 4*4 vehicle at a pulsating speed, on the other hand, you are sitting on a camel which is slow-paced. The caravan of vehicles will take you for the camel safari at a distance. Grunting, sitting, walking- the herds of the camel look precious. It is time you sit atop these calm creatures and travel like nomads. For an approx. 15-20 minutes, you have the opportunity to perch on the camel’s back and immerse in the splendid atmosphere. For you to get off, the camel would sit down on his two front legs following the hind legs, so, to avoid wobbling, hold on tight.

The Added Fun of Quad Biking and Sand Boarding

These two remain optional and is up to you to either add to the itinerary and upgrade the experience or simply jump to the next activity. Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding and needs you to have stronger feet. The board is tied to your shoes and allows you to slip down the steep dunes.

These two remain optional and is up to you to either add to the itinerary and upgrade the experience or simply jump to the next activity. Sandboarding is similar to snowboarding and needs you to have stronger feet. The board is tied to your shoes and allows you to slip down the steep dunes.

Bedouin Picnic

Have you ever thought of a picnic or camping in the desert? As the adrenaline-rush activities in desert conclude and the sun starts setting, the view transforms. Snap mind-blowing pictures with families and friends. Following this event, the driver will take you to a majestic camp set up in the middle of the desert. A stage is decorated, tents are lined up, tables, cushions, carpets are arranged and people from different parts of the world, guided by various agents would have arrived at the destination. Complemented by refreshments and dates, the evening begins.

Array of Entertainment

After a long day in Dubai, unwind at these well-facilitated camps where the gracious belly dancer and talented Tanoura artists would show their skills one by one. Their every step would take you by surprise. Your jaws would drop on how the dancer shakes and moves her waist and how the artist would make innumerable spins in one go.

Get closer to the culture by wearing the Arabian garb which is precisely stitched and reflects the tradition.

Also, adorn your hands with the beautiful henna designing.

Escalate the level of friends hangout with the unlimited shisha available in the camp for smoking. The flavours are delicious.

Head towards the buffet corner where you can explore the wide-ranging menu of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, cooked exclusively by the best chefs with freshest ingredients. Fill in your appetite with salads, appetisers, main course and drinks. End the dinner with a delectable dessert that melts in your mouth.

Night Sleep in the Tents

As you relish the food, your tents are prepared for the good night sleep. We will arrange sleeping bags, blankets, cushions, unlimited tea, water, separate washrooms for male and females, and prayer rooms to help you feel like home. The overnight bonfire revives the zeal and sets the mood right. Needless to say, spending the night in the Arabian desert under the glittering sky filled with stars and shining moon is an unparalleled escapade.

The Morning Breakfast

After the most delightful sleep, you wake up to the picturesque sunrise. The dawn tears the darkness and the desert ablaze with the early sunrise. We won’t let you leave without having a quick bite of the morning breakfast, reminiscing the taste of local cuisine for a longer time. Savour the scrumptious meal as you get lost in the tranquil ambience. The driver would responsibly drop you off at the rendezvous spot.

Book your overnight desert safari with us and get unmatched service and endless fun at the trip. The team meticulously combines the best features and creates a great experience.

Overnight Dubai Desert Safari Prices and Location

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