Private Desert Safari

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Private Desert Safari Dubai

Luxurious and intimate, this how one can describe the Private Desert Safari. This exclusive desert safari has been carefully crafted for you and your small group to have exclusive luxury and comfort, as you go about to enjoy one of the most amazing experiences of your life.

Your Dubai Desert Safari starts with the dune bash. You are comfortably seated in your luxurious SUV, and are taken away for dune bashing away from the noise of other dune bashing cars. Here, you can enjoy, scream your lungs out, and laugh and joke with your small party without having to worry about prying eyes. You can also choose to do quad biking, sandboarding and camel riding. En route to the desert camp, you are also provided an unlimited stock of refreshments while you stop a while to enjoy and click pictures of the setting sun which bathes the desert in an orange hue.

Back at the camp, take more pictures in traditional Arab clothing, or just sit by the bonfire, smoking shisha, and drinking Arabic coffee, while the ladies get their hands painted with henna. You get a private, traditional tent known as a ‘majlish’ to relax in. Dinner is a lavish spread of BBQ food, and you have entertainment in the form of Belly Dancing and Tanoura Show.

This is one of the best and most luxurious ways to enjoy a desert safari in Dubai, and you must try it.

What To Expect at Private Desert Safari Dubai?

The cultural facade of Dubai is best-experienced with the private desert safari. It gives you more intimate and personal exposure to the traditional aspects and adventurous thrills. Needless to say, the private desert safari could fit ideally for plans like a romantic dinner date or a birthday celebration or family hangout.

The private desert safari replicates the itinerary of the evening desert safari, with the only difference that instead of mixing with the sea of tourists it is only you and your closed ones enjoying the treat. We duly maintain your personal space and offer an exclusive desert discovery. The escapade begins in the afternoon, accompanied by our flexible services, and extends for an exciting 6 hours. And the most happening part, you can customise the itinerary as per your special requirements, wants and likes.

It is a premium and private affair of you with Dubai's pristine desert. So, are you ready?

Transfer Service

After a while, the vehicle would drive you to a traditional camel farm. These calm and humpbacked creatures look enchanting sitting in a herd. Get close, interact and snap pictures with these giant herbivores. Their grunt would make you laugh on a roll. And if you desire for a short ride in the farm, the camels are all yours. Get on their back and straddle them in the desert with a vibe of how people in olden times travelled for long distances.

Sand Boarding

Do you have a practice of snowboarding? Great, this is going to be a lot of fun. Drive your zeal and zest in mastering on how to surf the sand. If this sounds like an alien activity, ask the trainer who is looking forward to helping you any time. He will teach you the tips to skid through the sand. Once you grab the technique, slip and steer over the sand and create patterns on the desert, race your companions and escape to another world.

Quad Biking

Heard of ATVs? Riding them is a challenging and electrifying activity. Listen to the guide present there and ask him personally on how to handle the wheels and you can share your fear. He will gear you up and tell the hacks. And being with the dear ones, there is no shame in taking time to learn the ropes. Get on the bike, ride along, laugh out with your peeps and have an unforgettable moment.

Sunset Photography

Oh, wait! The backdrop where you see the sun going back to its home, the sky is turning heavenly. We know the landscape is so irresistible that it would have already grabbed your attention by now. You would get ample photographic opportunities throughout the evening. And being with only the folks and friends around, there is no hesitance in taking multiple pictures.

Bedouin Camp

After a hair-raising experience in the playground, the vehicle would take you to a private camping area. These are set just for you and you could have a splendid time with your significant other. It is an unfiltered Arabian camp influenced and inspired by Bedouin where you would sit, talk and immerse in charming views.

Live Entertainment

It starts getting interesting as you find a gorgeous belly dancer on the stage. She performs with poise and grace. Her moves are like waves of water, fluent and effortless. You would be wowing her and as she leaves, then comes the male artist who is pro in Tanoura show. This is a creative form where the artists wear a twirling skirt embellished with designs and lights. As he spins uncountable times, the skirt looks fascinating and appealing in making various unique patterns.

Belly dancing and Tanoura, both date back to ancient Dubai and is connected to the roots of Arabian culture.

Other Activities

Stroll around, it's your camp, all organised for you. Ask the designer to adorn your hands or feet with henna tattoo. Take pictures in the elegant Arabian dress. Sit with your partner and sip unlimited sheesha. The camp is peaceful and grand serving your needs and demands. There is also an arrangement of fire show that gives it a filmy touch.

Buffet Dinner

Upgrade the experience of private dinner with the barbecue buffet in the camp. It is beautifully staged near bonfire with candle lights, unique illumination, soft cushions and sofas. No one would interfere with the personal space and you can dine in this royal Majis setting. The buffet is prepared by our experienced chefs who make the use of seasonal ingredients and give it a taste of heaven. There is a spread of lavish and luscious food including grilled dishes, vegetarian options, non-vegetarian platter and delicious starter. Well, the appetisers are reasons to gobble the main course too. And the scrumptious dessert makes a happy ending to the story. Later, the driver would drop you off at the rendezvous spot.

There are facilities like washrooms and prayer rooms to make your trip hassle-free. Book with us your perfect private desert safari and lock it in your travel memories.

Private Desert Safari Dubai Prices and Locations

Starting from : 1500 1125 AED