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Red Dune Safari

Experience a Dubai desert safari like no other with the Red Dune Safari Dubai. The Al Hamar Desert is known as the Red Dune Desert, as it has 53 massive dunes, as high a 300 feet. Now, imagine doing dune bashing on these huge dunes? It is an unmatchable experience like no other. The exciting dune bashing is one of the main reasons why so many people opt for the Red Dune Safari.

Dune bashing is one of the main features in any Dubai desert safari. However, it holds even more importance in the Red Dune Safari, as no other desert has dunes like the Al Hamar Desert. Our drivers are experienced and thorough professionals, and at no point will you feel unsafe. After the exhilarating dune bashing, you can opt for quad biking or sandboarding on these huge sand dunes

At the desert camp, a lot more entertaining activities await you. You can dress up in traditional Arabic clothing and take pictures, or you can enjoy falcon shows. For ladies, there’s Henna painting. They can get their hands painted in beautiful designs that stay on a for a few days. The men can unwind by sitting by the bonfire, drinking Arabic coffee, and smoking shisha.

Dinner is a lavish spread of a vegetarian and non-vegetarian BBQ delicacies, and for entertainment there’s Bellydancing and Tanoura dancing. The memorable Red Dune Safari Dubai ends with you being dropped off right to your hotel. Book it now for an awesome safari experience.

What To Expect at Red Dune Safari?

Get ready to go beyond the sky-soaring architecture, the glitzy glamour world and fast-paced lifestyle, to experience the traditional Emirati culture. Our evening desert safari is the typical safari with extraordinary service: head out to the red sand, channel your adventure with dune bashing, breathe in the fresh air by perching the camel, celebrate the tradition with live performances, and dig into the best buffet.

This package is tempting because of the red dunes. The Al Hamar Desert is a perfect red dune desert that will provide you with the peace of mind. As the sun goes to the nest, the sand transforms into a charming desert swept by the wind.

The 5-hour adventure in the desert that unfolds a unique set of activities is accompanied by a guide and a huge luxurious vehicle. We bring you this convenience and myriad of desert activities at the lowest price along with the most responsible service ever.

What to Expect?

A reliable, trained and licensed driver comes to receive you at the pick-up spot. The vehicle is well-maintained and air-conditioned. Get yourself seated in comfort while the driver takes the car through the chirpy streets of Dubai. The huge architecture starts to diminish into the sands as you see the stretch of red dunes in the Al Hamar Desert.

Fun lovers and adventurers will be spoilt for choices. The dune bashing is one of the exhilarating activities and inaugurates the evening. Sit in the 4WD vehicle as it transcends, rises, plummets on the sand at an adrenaline rush speed. Tighten your seatbelts, whiz through the desert on the thunderous 4*4 ride, listen to the Arabic songs, and scream with joy. Cherish the time as your life remains in the hands of a highly-skilled dune rider, who performs the stunt giving you plentiful of memories.

Calm your senses in the sunset by riding a camel in the caravan. It is mesmerising when you experience what it felt in the older days to travel from one city/ place to another. Camels are slow and can spend days without water. They would grunt at times, and make the walk wobbly. But there is nothing compared to the magic of riding a camel on the red sand when the sun is drowning.

Also, the stunning sunset backdrop is worthy of being uploaded on Instagram and attracting the followers. The photographic enthusiasts will be hooked on to the spectacular desert scenery. So, carry your camera and take the best shot. You will get several halts and spots where you will be capturing the scenes.

Here is the opportunity to upgrade the expedition. Ski on the sand and ride the quad bike by selecting the additional options. This will give you an extra hour of endless fun. Sandboarding is a replication of snowboarding and it lets you enjoy in the desert fully. The board that is worn beneath the footwear is to be dragged in the dunes and it would slip and take you places.

Quad Biking is filled with excitement and thrill. The trainer/ guide is very helpful and will cover you with the necessary tips. He will provide instructions on how to use and control your quad bike. So, gear up and take your position behind the wheels and set for an epic ride. You will reach the crest of the hill, slide down and jump to the lowest feet. Your heartbeat will invariably rise and bubble with energy when you meet the challenges during the trip.

In the second leg of the day, you will be driven to the Bedouin camp, which is extraordinary. It looks like a royal setting with cushions, carpets, sofas, tents, stages and souvenir shops. You will be welcomed with refreshments.

Join the audience and cheer for the very talented and gracious belly dancer and the Tanoura artists. Go wow with these awesome live shows. Our belly dancer is very experienced and will hold the audience's mood throughout the show. She has the poise, grace and skill that would blow your mind.

The Tanoura show is exceptional. It is related to the traditions of Arab and creates a spellbinding aura. The skirt is something that will take your attention. It is illuminated, looks colourful and creates several striking patterns when the artist is performing. At last, the dancer swirls and turns for an unbelievable time and stops and bows without any dizziness.

Next, indulge in henna designing, take pictures in the Emirati dress and enjoy unlimited sheesha.

Conclude the night with mouth-watering BBQ, available in both categories, vegetarians and non-vegetarians. The buffet is grand and lavish, spread with some of the most delectable dishes you would ever have in your life. Our chefs are brilliant in their jobs and will bring the multi-course platter that is cooked with the local seasonal ingredients. You are going to lick your fingers on every bite. Don’t let your taste buds rest without trying the delectable dessert. The refreshments like soft drinks, water and dates are complimentary.

The facilities like separate washrooms, prayer rooms, carpets, unlimited water come handy at these safaris. We will look after your customised support to let you enjoy the escapade without any interference and hassle.

The red dune desert safari is the right choice to taste the flavours of old Dubai. It is an ultimate family entertainment escapade which will appeal all ages. The best way to watch the sun setting and the sand changing is to shake hands with our unparalleled service. The charm of the complete package is it starts at a considerably lower rate, as compared to others. Also, our guide is informative and courteous keeping you aligned with the ongoing activities.

Red Dune Safari Prices and Location

Starting from : 300 168 AED