Sunset Dhow Cruise

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Sunset Cruise in Dubai Marina

Doesn’t the world look unreal and sublime after the sun goes down? There is no better way to get lost in the beauty of the sunset than sailing on a cruise. Moreover, this experience gets grander when you’re in Dubai; every corner of this city is a visual delight. If you are looking to soak in its ethereal ambience, choose the sunset dhow cruise Dubai Marina. Take in the awe-inspiring views of the skyline under the fading sun from the front row. It is one of the delightful and romantic ways to explore Dubai. You will relish every moment of it.

  • 90-minute sail across Dubai’s skyline during the sunset

  • Welcome drinks/ refreshments/ mineral water

  • A multi-course buffet dinner

  • Live shows and performances

  • Uninterrupted view of the poshest locations and attractions

  • Access to the lower and upper-air deck

  • Onboard washroom facilities

  • Well-furnished and lit environment

  • Hotels Transfers (Pick Up and Drop Off)

What to Expect at Dubai Marina Sunset Cruise?

As the sun begins to fade away, the sky transforms into a kaleidoscope of hues, from warm orange to fiery red to decent blues. Our chauffeur-driven, luxurious transfers will be available on time at your location. On reaching the cruise terminal, our onboard team will receive and welcome you with utmost warmth and respect. Soon, the sunset cruise at Dubai Marina leaves the port and starts to sail across the azure waters. Watch the canal twinkle with the burst of colours while the sun dips behind the waves. It is a resplendent experience to navigate through the engineering marvels of Dubai at the golden hour. Capture the stunning visual of the sea kissing the sun goodbye and the sky turning into a canvas. This masterpiece of nature can only be seen from this elegant dhow cruise in Dubai.

Perfect for everyone

Whether you are coming with your partner, family, or friends, the Dubai Sunset Cruise offers a unique, personalised and enchanting setting for the meet-up. The dhow is divided into two floors, and the guests can choose either of them – be it the lower glass-enclosed floor with an air-conditioned restaurant setup or the lively open-air upper deck.

A concoction of food and entertainment

Once you are seated comfortably, sip welcome drinks and absorb the serenity of the landscape. Bask in the glory of the neighbourhoods around Dubai Marina, gliding past the studded Dubai Marina Yacht Club, picturesque Palm Jumeirah, the regal Atlantis the Palm, and the sky-piercing Burj Al Arab. Later, indulge in a feast of authentic Middle Eastern dishes spread on the table straight from the kitchen. The aroma and taste of the food will arouse your senses. Plus, all the ingredients for this international multi-course buffet are local and fresh. There are vegetarian and non-vegetarian options paired with irresistible desserts to satisfy your appetite. The combo of world-class services and gourmet dining elevates the vibe of the cruise, keeping you focused on the magical view.

As the cruise glides forward, turn towards the stage where a skilful Tanoura performer, wearing a heavy illuminated costume, graces the ambience with his presence. Slowly, the city turns into a lively land of fun and exuberance. The transformation of the tranquil journey into a cordial buzz offers a balance of all elements for a dreamy evening. Once the 90-min voyage ends, guests are returned to their hotels in our vehicle.

Important Information
  • Please report to the venue 30 minutes prior to the departure time.

  • Please click on the given link to view the Food Menu

  • Please click on the given link to view the Bar menu

  • Please clink on the link to view the High Tea Menu

  • The pick-up/drop-off timing on Private transfers can be modified as per the trip schedule by 30 to 60 minutes, depending on traffic conditions and your location.

  • No Live Music during Ramadan rest all service remaining same.

  • Boarding starts at 5:00 PM

  • Departure: 05:30 PM

  • Return: 07:00 PM

Note: Sunset Dhow Cruise with Dinner is only operational on Mondays and Saturdays.

Note: Sunset Dhow Cruise with High Tea is operational every Wednesday, Friday and Sunday.

Why Choose Our Sunset Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina?

Our sunset cruise is for an extraordinary experience. Anyone who wants to relish the luxury should opt for this. Some of the quick highlights of this sunset cruise Marina are:

  • We have a well-maintained fleet of clean, illuminated, and decorated dhows. All the cruises promise unparalleled luxury and comfort, ensuring a journey as exquisite as the Marina.

  • Our team is committed to providing the most hospitable and customised services. You can plan an event, celebrate a milestone, or throw your birthday party on this 90-minute sunset dhow cruise in Dubai Marina. We also manage special events upon your request, from selective food choices to favoured soundtracks.

  • We serve the best quality and sumptuous meals made from handpicked ingredients by the most trained chefs. Enjoy free-flowing drinks along with one-board live entertainment.

  • We take all safety and environmental-conscious measures to tick all the boxes for wholesome services. Our attention to detail and end-to-end care make it one of the most beautiful cruise journeys you will remember for life.

So, it’s finally the time to kick back and relax on the sunset cruise Dubai Marina. Feel free to reach out to our 24/7 team for booking.

Sunset Cruise in Dubai Marina Tour Prices and Location

Starting from : 120 95 AED