Why Cruises are Better than Land Holidays?


Are you still struggling to choose between a land holiday or seacation? The dilemma is evident because both have their pros and cons. However, cruising offers a more relaxed and pleasant experience. Whether you are on a 2-hour dhow cruise or a long countrywide cruise, the experience remains engraved in your heart. Imagine waking up each morning to a new landscape. Unlike a traditional land-based vacation, a cruise presents a constantly evolving canvas.

Weighing the pros and cons of both land and cruise holidays, here  are the top 10 reasons why you should pick a cruise over a land holiday: 

A. Cruise Vs Land Holiday: Why Cruise is Prefered by Tourists?

Cruise restaurant

1. A beautiful journey

Haven’t we heard the quote, the journey is better than the destination? This fits for a cruise voyage. With abundant activities and top-notch facilities wrapped under one roof, a cruise vacation promises a joyful and comfortable trip. You can either sit ideal and admire the picturesque ever-changing view from the vantage point or join the adventurers in enjoying excursions. Everything is within walking distance on the cruise, be it a bar, a lounge, a spa, or a restaurant. 

2. One room, multiple destinations

Experience the ultimate convenience of exploring multiple destinations without the hassle of changing hotels. It is the most exciting thing about cruising as you have to stay in one room throughout the trip. Once you have hopped onto the cruise, you do not have to struggle to find a new hotel at every location or drive anywhere to go. It lets you ditch the woes of navigating at a new location. The cruise visits various ports, docking at each to explore before setting sail for the next stop. 

3. Predictable expenses

One of the biggest reasons to choose a cruise is you can plan a budget without any surprise costs. The upfront cruise fare includes a complete list of elements for the travelers. Your room and housekeeping are covered in the base fare. Most cruises offer all-inclusive dining, onboard activities, and even some poolside games. For example, MSC Virtuosa, one of the cruises from Dubai has predefined packages with planned itineraries, accommodations, and meals. By planning and taking advantage of such cruise’s bundled offerings, you can have a more predictable and enjoyable vacation experience.

4. Standard meal quality

There never is a cruise that has served a bad meal. Moreover, cruises are known for their culinary offerings. Most cruises feature a lavish spread and a variety of dining options. But the beauty is they maintain a consistent dining quality. From formal buffets to gourmet meals, the cruise serves exceptional dining experiences for all types of taste buds.  Small to medium-sized cruise ships give you a buffet with live stations. Plus, with the all-inclusive packages, you can indulge without worrying about the bill at the end of your meal.

5. Comfortable unpacking

If you are on a long trip, a cruise gets the upper hand compared to a land transport medium. Unlike traditional multi-destination trips that involve constant hotel hopping and suitcase repacking, a cruise allows you to settle into your cabin once and enjoy the convenience of a moving hotel room. The moment your ship docks, you’re ready to hit the ground running, exploring new cities, indulging in local experiences, or sunbathing on a pristine beach. No time is wasted fighting with luggage or rearranging clothes.

6. A family-friendly tour

Cruises are incredibly family-friendly, offering extensive programs and exciting activities designed for children and teenagers. Kids’ clubs, teen lounges, and family-oriented activities ensure that everyone in the family has a memorable and enjoyable experience. Parents can relax knowing their children are safe and entertained. There are live shows and concerts performed by trained artists who serenade your ambiance.

7. Endless choices

Cruise has a cornucopia of choices for onboard entertainment and fun.  For adrenaline junkies, a cruise can be an action-packed adventure; for foodies, it offers a culinary exploration; for casual travelers, it has rejuvenating spas. Many cruises offer water activities and sports, state-of-the-art facilities, refreshing pools, decks with panoramic views, and poolside camping. Sample exquisite dishes from around the world, themed buffets showcasing international cuisines, or participate in cooking demonstrations led by expert chefs.

8. A social hobnob 

Cruises provide excellent opportunities to meet new people from around the world. Whether you’re dining at a shared table, participating in group activities, or lounging by the pool, the social atmosphere on a cruise is preferable to making new friends.

B. How to Book Your Next Cruise?

Cruise on the shoreline

We hope it won’t be tough to select out of the two choices by now. To know more about the experience and book a seacation, reach out to the official websites or get help from online travel agencies. Rayna Tours is a reputable award-winning travel agency that specializes in cruises and can offer personalized recommendations based on your preferences, budget, and desired destinations. Their knowledgeable experts will help you choose the perfect cruise, ensuring a smooth and unforgettable experience. Contact Rayna Tours today and set sail for adventure!


Why do people prefer cruises?

Unlike land holidays, where you have to pick a destination, find routes to navigate, search restaurants, and find accommodations, cruises provide a safe and exciting trip with all of these planned beforehand. There are pre-booked accommodations and dining facilities. 

What are the tips for choosing a cruise?

Choose a cruise that doesn’t blow your budget. Consider your interests and travel style, such as adventures and experiences. On a long trip, research the destinations beforehand to avoid wasting time once you reach. Before booking, it's helpful to read reviews from other cruisers.

Is cruise safe?

Cruise lines prioritize the safety and security of their passengers. Modern cruise ships are equipped with state-of-the-art safety features, and crew members are trained to handle emergencies efficiently. Additionally, the controlled environment of a cruise ship can provide a sense of security that’s harder to guarantee on a land-based trip, especially in unfamiliar or remote locations.

Is cruise expensive?

It offers a value-for-money trip. Cruises can be a surprisingly affordable vacation option, especially when you consider everything that's included. You can often find good deals, particularly during shoulder seasons.


While both cruises and land holidays have their own merits, the convenience, variety, and value that cruises offer make them a superior choice for many travelers. From the ease of all-inclusive packages to the diverse destinations and myriad onboard activities, cruises provide a hassle-free, enriching, and memorable vacation experience that’s hard to beat. So, next time you’re planning a holiday, consider setting sail on a cruise – you might just find it’s the perfect way to see the world.

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