Desert Safari with Dhow Cruise Tour

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Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise Combo Packages

Two of the best things, you will never stop thanking yourself after enjoying them in Dubai, are the Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise Combo Packages . They are the must for every tourist to experience otherwise the whole idea of vacationing in this futuristic desert city will fall flat. brings for you a tour package that combines two beautiful contrasting things to do in Dubai. This package promises the best of the world Dubai has in the offering. Contact today without any delay in order not to miss on memories that you can bring back home and cherish long.

Details of Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise Combo Packages

Dubai Desert Safari

Isn’t it wise to experience something a city is world famous for? After all, that is one of the reasons of choosing a vacation destination. If you have got us right, then you will instantly understand that we are talking about Dubai Desert Safari. Coming to Dubai and not seeing the desert is like committing an irreparable blunder. It is the best elixir to gulp down in order to forget the worries of life and unwind. Being on the largest and hottest desert in the world will fill you with a sense of completeness.

Inclusions - Desert Safari: Afternoon 3:30 pm to 9:30 pm

Dhow Cruise

The Dubai dhow cruise will take you to an unforgettable voyage you will never feel like returning. It is a local water taxi. In Arabic language, the water taxi is called a dhow. These dhows have been the partner of the Emirati people for centuries and have transformed themselves to make their presence feel even in this modern day. Our dhow cruise will help you witness the old and new part of Dubai by sailing across the historical Dubai Creek. While we offer dhow cruise throughout the day, we still recommend you to opt for the evening cruise. This is because when the darkness makes its presence with setting of the sun and the electrically-powered lights ward them away, the city takes a whole new look that is so astonishing and heartwarming.

Inclusions - Dhow Cruise: Evening 7 pm to 11 pm

What you will enjoy with Dubai Desert Safari

The major attraction of the desert safari is the thrilling ride across the dunes on a 4x4 SUV. Where else can you have such an adventurous ride where every single moment is thrilling and full of adrenaline rush. Besides enjoying the most daring ride of your life, you can capture the breathtaking scenery of the Arabian Desert with your camera. The magnificent landscape, smell, color, and texture of the Arabian sand will excite you. You will get several photo-stops on the way, but make sure that you don’t miss to capture the sun going down the horizon for it is something you may have not or will never see anywhere else in the world.

Activities Dubai desert safari offers

The desert safari will keep you busy right from the moment it starts. When you reach the campsite, there will be many activities waiting for you.

What To Expect in Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise Combo Packages?

This package two of the best activities to do in Dubai – the desert safari and dhow cruise. Venture on an expedition to the heart of the red Arabian sands of Dubai. Try thrilling activities including dune bashing, sand boarding, camel riding, and quad biking. Smoke flavorful shisha pipes, get your hands painted with henna, dress up in traditional Arabic attires, and click beautiful pictures of the sunset. Watch remarkable performances like Belly Dancing and Tanura Dance show and feast on a delectable buffet dinner. Dhows are traditional wooden vessels that have played a significant role in the history of Dubai. Set sail on a 2-hour journey on these attractively decorated boats and soak in the surrounding landscape and marvelous vistas. The historical Dubai Creek is surrounded by lively souks and other prominent attractions that makes this journey extremely serene. Gorge on a diverse range of appetizers, main course, and desserts. Watch the magical performances of the belly dancers and the Tanura dancers. These activities are the perfect way to experience a slice of Emirati life.

There are several variations to our dhow cruises, such as dhow cruise Creek and dhow cruise Marina. If you wish to be enveloped by sheer natural beauty and quietude on your cruise, you should definitely book our Musandam Dibba Tour.

Why to go for a Dubai desert safari?

The desert safari camp is a must to experience the Bedouin lifestyle. Feel the excitement of sleeping inside a traditional Arabian tent under the open sky and wake up to a morning amidst the magnificent creation of the nature. The type of experience you have at the desert camp will not stop you from gloating about it to your friends in your home town

Highlights of Dhow cruise

Spending an evening, after a busy sightseeing during the daytime, at a setting that can squeeze away our fatigue and charge you up can surely be experienced on a dhow cruise. Our dhow cruise will take you through the most-visited and major attractions of Dubai. By sailing on our traditional dhow with your friends and family under a stunning moonlight and enjoying breathtaking vistas will not only drain out tiredness out of you, but also allow you to savor an assortment of culinary delights

You will have the opportunity to witness the following by taking the dhow cruise:

Dubai dhow cruise is the only way to have a leisurely look at Dubai’s two contrasting sides. It is the best way to feel the Arabian Sea without taking too much of the risks. By making an appointment with us for going on a dhow cruise, we guarantee that you will have a relaxing and refreshing time, and you will definitely recommend us to your friends and known person.

Desert Safari and Dhow Cruise Combo Packages Prices and Locations

Starting from : 465 285 AED