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Desert Safari Dubai

Relive the Bedouin life with desert safari! In this, you get to spend an unforgettable evening like the Bedouins in the middle of the desert in a traditional campsite, enjoying life like they did decades ago.

The Dubai desert safari begins with our drivers picking you up from your hotel in a spacious, power-packed 4X4 SUV that is perfect for dune bashing. Once near the huge dunes begins the fun. The expert drivers literally fly the car over the dunes, kicking up dust like a tornado, while you yell and scream in pure delight.

After this adventure, you are then taken to the Bedouin style desert camp, where you can do some camel riding, or just unwind by sitting by the bonfire, drinking Arabic Coffee, smoking shisha, and chatting with fellow desert safari Dubai tourists. You can also dress up in traditional Arabic clothing and take pictures to make all your friends jealous on social media. If you have ladies in your group, they should surely try Henna painting. The Henna artists here are simply superb.

Soon, it will time for entertainment in the form of Tanoura and Belly dancing, and along with this, you are also served a BBQ dinner full of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. Post dinner and the show, you are taken back to your hotel, with a belly full of delicious food, and heart full of pleasant memories.So, don’t wait. Enquire now for the best Desert Safari rates.


What To Expect at Desert Safari Dubai?

Wanting to explore the adventure of Dubai and rock the cultural side of it? Nothing fits best in your itinerary than the desert safari Dubai! It is an exercise that would combine the sports you have never tried and the lifestyle you have never lived. Take a break from the urban sprawl and sink your feet into the soft sands of Arabian desert.

Maximize your time and money with our combo packages such as desert safari – dhow cruise. You can select from our dhow cruise Marina or dhow cruise Creek. We also have dhow charter for special events.

It all starts with a great transfer service

Who doesn't need a professional driver with a luxurious vehicle in a new city? Oh, you love that, right? So, our reliable and courteous driver would pick you up from the accommodation and glide you through the happening streets of Dubai. He will make sure that you ride in peace and comfort, enjoying the views outside.

You reach the desert with a bang

In the 4WD vehicle, which is one of our well-serviced and luxurious vehicle from the fleet, you would arrive at the unspoiled stretch of sand and follow an adventurous streak. Seeing such a huge playground, you would recognise that you have occupied yourself for a promising evening with several surprises to unravel. It is a true value deal that introduces you to the world of royal Dubai. Let’s roll on.

Get a strong impression of the safari by the thunderous dune bashing

Dune bashing is an extreme sport where you will be strapped to the seats of this monstrous vehicle and a qualified driver would be behind the wheels. He would give you a roller coaster ride of the desert. Rising high on the sand, plummeting to the ground, whisking through the rare plants and skidding through the dunes- it's thrilling. The Arabian music in the car would play at the amazing sound, pump up the vibe and create a sensational aura.

Continue with a quaint camel riding

You would have often seen the camel riding scenes in the movies and it looks bewildering. And in reality, it is nothing less. The caravan of vehicles would drive you off to a camel camp after 35-45 minutes of dune bashing. Hop off, and see the camels sitting in herds. Take their pictures, straddle them amidst the desert and explore the beauty like nomads. Perching on camel’s back is one of the enchanting activities through the rippling, windswept desert.

Go for sandboarding and quad biking

The two optional choices when combines with the safari could exaggerate the experience and let it be one of the most exhilarating times of your life. The guide would equip and gear you with the right instruments and make you safe for this big ride. You have the complete control on the bike and you can discover this great place at your own pace. Quad biking has got its thrills and excitement which gets better if you learn the ropes. Continue accelerating to not allow the vehicle to sit in the sand.

Sandboarding is extraordinary because of the way it is processed. The board is tied to your feet and no extra fancy things are required. You just know the trick from the guide and have endless fun in your store.

Watch the sunset

It's pretty darn spectacular when you see the sunset in the desert. It is nothing compared to the usual evenings as the sand you are standing on transforms to a different colour with the slanting rays of the sun gradually diminishing. Grab your camera and snap memorable pictures with family, friends and folks.Show off your photography skills by uploading the picturesque landscape on Instagram.

Head towards the Bedouin camp

Keep your hopes high because the camp in the desert has an outstanding arrangement of entertainment and food. It is all organised by Bedouin-influenced ideas. You would be welcomed with refreshments and dates. Take a relaxing stroll around the camp and you would find various shops to buy souvenirs and stuff.

Join the live entertainment

Unwind at the gorgeous set up with cushions and carpets. The stage in the centre would invite the graceful belly dancer. She is stunning and performs with great poise. Belly dancing is a traditional Arabian dance and is connected to the roots. The dancer uplifts the mood and creates a sensational ambience.

Following her, the Tanoura show begins. This is another cultural performance that will blow your mind. The artist is fully professional and skilled in what he does. He wears a twirling skirt which has colourful lights and when he swirls the skirt creates innumerable geometrical patterns. The view looks astounding as he spins controllably and uncountably. The surprising act is when the artist stops without any sign of dizziness at the last.

It's time you rejoice in other forms of revelries

The camp is ablaze by the fire show. It gets better as the darkness gets deeper. Get your hands adorned and decorated by the beautiful henna design. Try unlimited shisha and smoke the best flavours. Wear the Arabian garb and get yourself clicked.

Settle for mouth-watering barbecue dinner

During this unforgettable journey, the buffet is arranged side by side. Check out the array of vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes accompanied by delectable desserts and grilled Barbecue dishes. The top chefs have joined the team and prepare the food with the freshest ingredients in the city. Tantalise your taste buds with this gorgeous platter of scrumptious food and have a delightful conclusion to the evening.

There are other facilities in the camp like the separate washrooms, prayer rooms and water to let you face no hurdle. The driver then drops you off at the rendezvous spot.

Take out the hassle out of planning your desert safari, as you book tickets with our flexible packages and reasonable pricing.

Desert Safari Dubai Prices and Location

Starting from : 300 225 AED