Sunrise Safari Dubai

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Early Sunrise Safari Dubai

Combining spectacular morning desert views with exhilarating activities, Sunrise Morning Dubai Safari from us makes for a refreshing escape from the bustling crowd and glistening city sights. Take in the mind-boggling spectacles, as the sunrise throws in a wonderful kaleidoscope of bright orange and red colors across the intricate desert terrain.

A heart-pounding dune bash aboard a powerful 4X4 vehicle will enable you to experience the overwhelming beauty and sheer size of desert in the most adventurous way possible. Moreover, you can look forward to fantastic photographic opportunities enroute to our desert camp, where you can enjoy activities like camel ride.

Convenient pick up and drop off facilities make the whole experience incredibly pleasant and worry-free


What To Expect at Early Sunrise Safari Dubai?

Desert Safari in Dubai is nothing less than an intriguing and exciting affair. Especially, when it's in the morning. It's calm, quaint and tranquil. This is going to be thrilling if you are an early riser. With fewer people in the camp, the experience gets more intimate and peaceful.

Let's frame a picture of the escapade:

Witness a prompt transfer service

If sunrises enthral you, this desert safari is a cherry on the cake in your Dubai tour. Sit inside the air-conditioned and luxurious vehicle driven by our hand-picked drivers, who holds the responsibility of safely and comfortably taking you to the desert. The streets look pristine and clean, giving a straight view of what lies ahead. It's not daylight yet and the sky still has stars hovering.

Marvel at the sunrise

Sunrises are picturesque but it becomes charming and appealing in the desert. Our drivers will conveniently pick from accommodation and take you to the soft stretch of sand. Around 5 am, you will be hitting the desert and it looks engulfing. As the sun rises from the horizon, the colour transformation of the sand is bewildering. Check out the sky as it changes the shades from dark to bright red to faded pink to blue. You would see the cold desert getting the warmth of slanting rays and gradually turning to orange. It is a unique experience overall.

Get your adrenaline pumping with dune bashing

Exhilarating and audacious is what the dune bashing feel like. Hold on tight to your seats as the trained driver will ride the vehicle through the uneven and challenging tracks of sand. Your jaws will drop when you see the vehicle flying over the dunes at a great speed. Since the SUV or the land cruiser would be jumping high, scaling a height of almost nine-storey buildings, strapping your seat belts would be a good idea. It is going to be a lot of ups and downs throughout. The ambience gets dramatic as the driver puts on the rocking musical hits of the Arabian world.

Perch on the camel

It's time you do something traditional and quirky. The fleet of vehicles after the dune bashing enters the camel camp, where you will see these happy, tall creatures sitting in herds. Discover the beguiling desert panorama atop a camel. Do not miss this chance of exploring the Arabian desert in an extraordinary way. Camels are the ships of the desert and travelling on their back is beautiful. The slow saunter across the desert is fascinating and could be jerky at times. In the end, be careful when the camel first sits on its front two legs and then the hind ones.

Extend your adventure with sandboard and quad bike

This is a 4-hour safari and it would only get better every moment. There are two choices, sand boarding and quad biking which helps you make the best of the time in the desert.

Beat the wind with the sandboarding. It is similar to snowboarding and if you have ever done that, this is going to be an easy pie. Tie the boards to your feet and escalate through the dunes. Turn, twist, skid, slide and bounce with this board. Drag the board - it could be difficult but once you understand the concept it would be one of the most interesting activities on the sand.

Escape to another world by the quad bike. Handle the wheels of this all-terrain vehicle and feel the hero of the movie. The guide will tell you tips and tricks to have a safe ride. Before starting, gear up and take the equipment from the trainer like gloves, helmets, water bottles and set for the ride. After a while, you will find you are at the crest of the hill and you have to glide through this steep hill. Our trainer is by your side for any kind of help and it would be extremely fun.

Let cool breeze pass by and inspire you to immerse in this wonderful morning view.

Savour the breakfast

After spending refreshing hours, greet your appetite with luscious snacks. The caravan would reach the camp where light breakfast is arranged. The sight of rare animals and the chirping birds in this serene environment feels like a dream. Relish the beverages and taste the local dates to tantalise your taste buds.

The early sunrise safari is incredible and one of the biggest actions you would be participating in Dubai. Book with our reliable team to get combo packages and flexible pricing.

Early Sunrise Safari Dubai Prices and Location

Starting from : 1375 825 AED