An Informative Guide You Need to Visit The Green Planet Dubai


Dubai is perceived as a glittering city of opulence. Known for its luxury shopping, ultramodern architecture, and nightlife scene, Dubai is the ultimate extreme city. The tourist to Dubai is not disappointed at the biggest, largest, tallest attractions of this glamorous desert city and is happy that the Dubai Visa has granted the special opportunity to explore this city.

Dubai has yet another first. The Green Planet is the region’s first biodome. Be ready for the unique experience of walking through a tropical indoor rainforest in the desert. It is home to over 3,000 plants and animals and the world’s largest man-made and life-sustaining indoor tree. The enclosed ecosystem is very aptly described as enchanting. Segregated into four levels of the forest – The Canopy, The Mid Story, The Forest Floor, and the Flooded Rainforest, the Green Planet is an excellent place for families. The fascinating animal and plant species and the immersive walk here is an education in itself about the importance of tropical forests today. Enjoy the following experiences with your family and group.

What to Do Inside the Green Planet Dubai?

Swimming with Piranhas:


Would you like to share a river tank with the piranhas? This is your opportunity to do so. Enter the Piranha River Tank as they are being fed. But your safety is guaranteed as they will be fed 2 meters away from snorkelers. Experience being in a wetsuit underwater with thousands of red-bellied Piranhas as they embark on their feeding frenzy.  Snorkel along the surface of the tank and explore. Learn more about them from an expert biologist.

Dance in a Thunderstorm:

Rain is rare in Dubai, but at the Green Planet, you can transport yourself to the tropics and experience a real thunderstorm. Hear the loud thunder, see the electric flashes, feel the blowing wind, and know that tropical thunderstorms are essential to the rainforests. The high-tech audio and visual effects make you feel that you are experiencing an authentic tropical thunderstorm right in the heart of City Walk. You can also watch the thunderstorm without getting wet.

Spend a Night in the Rainforest:


Guests can book in advance and spend the night in one of The Green Planet’s comfortable tents. Discover the rainforest’s allure. Participate in a scavenger hunt. Other attractions are a nocturnal animal tour, dinner at The Green Planet’s Café, a nature-themed movie, and marshmallow toasting. Falling asleep under the stars of the bio-dome, while listening to the soft songs of the rainforest’s exotic birds, is a delight. In the morning you get to feed the animals their breakfast before enjoying your own. If your kids love wildlife encounters, take them to Dubai Safari Park for a long day out.

Discover the Nocturnal Rainforest Animals:


Guests get the opportunity to observe the nocturnal animals in the rainforest and learn about their activities. The Slow Loris, the Lace Monitor, Burmese Pythons pair, the Tokay gecko, Marine toads, Parma Wallabies, The Laughing Kookaburra, and Carpet pythons are some of the many nocturnal species that the guests will be able to observe here. This walkthrough tour is carried underground.

Encounter an Endangered species:

Guests can have a 20 minutes Bird encounter with the Toucan, Caiques, or other small parrots once a day. The toucan is an endangered species whose habitat has been destroyed. Learn about the different habitats of birds from an experienced biologist. Take plenty of pictures with these birds.

Meet the Reptiles, Sugar Gliders, and Sloths:

Have an encounter with reptiles like lizards, geckos, snakes, turtles, or chameleons. The Sugar Gliders are small nocturnal mammals with a thin skin flap behind their arms that allow them to glide from tree to tree. Get close to a sloth, which is a slow-moving mammal. Learn about the habitats, life cycles, etc. from the experts. Take pictures alongside them. Marvel at the sizes and food habits of these animals.

Other unique Programs:

One of the most unique programs here is Zookeeper for the Day, where all animal lovers, adults or kids, get to become a “Zookeeper” for a day. This is a wonderful way to embark on a unique adventure. The Zookeeper can observe the thrilling frenzy of the piranhas feeding, explore the region’s only bat cave, and other special encounters. Another enjoyable program for the younger people between five to twelve years of age is the summer camp. The children can enhance their eco skills through several Green Planet-themed activities during the 4-day camp. The activities include animal encounters, bio-dome, sustainable explorations, nature-inspired arts and crafts, and active games, etc.


If you want incredible experiences and be transported to the deepest tropical jungle while you are in Dubai, then the Green Planet is the place to go. It is a living museum where you can experience a rainforest and understand its importance on earth. As you exit the Green Planet, you will be pleasantly surprised to find how much you have learned about the rainforests, the tropical, the plants, and the animals. And all this happened without you being aware of it as you were too busy enjoying yourself and absorbing the complete experience.

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