The Best 7 Activities in Dubai Al Quoz Pond Park

Al Quoz Pond Park Dubai

Dubai, one of the emirates in the UAE, attracts many tourists every year. People visit the city to explore the place while enjoying some unique experiences like Dubai desert safari, Dubai dhow cruise, the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Palm Islands, and many vibrant neighborhoods. The Al Quoz, an industrial neighborhood of Dubai, is far away from being a typical tourist destination, with rows of factories and warehouses and residential areas on the outskirts. However, the area has flourished into one of Dubai’s cultural and art hubs with warehouses being converted into art galleries, performance spaces, and boutique photography studios. Trampoline parks, malls, homegrown artisanal chocolate makers, and coffee roasters have popped up in the refurbished spaces recently. Al Quoz area is filled with hidden gems waiting to be explored. When the weekend is near, and you are looking for inspiration to go somewhere, try visiting the Al Quoz Pond Park.

About Al Quoz Pond Park

Located along the Al Quoz Lake in Dubai, Al Quoz Pond Park is a beautiful park filled with green spaces and has a lot of flora and fauna. The Al Quoz Pond Park has play areas for kids, grassy lawns for a picnic, and a running track around the pond. It also has a restaurant as well as loads of sports and football fields for young kids. There is a water fountain in the park which provides drinking water for visitors.

Al Quoz Pond Park is distinguished by the wide area of its water surface where the area of the lake is 46,000 square meters, which is one-third the area of the park. Al Quoz Pond Park is the smallest garden lake, in terms of area, representing about 36 per cent of the total area of the park. It has a total area of around 128,000 square meters and the total cost of the project was about 17 million dirhams.

The garden has asymmetrical sections that are distinguished by innovative curves, lines, tiled walk paths, sports fields, and children’s play areas. The design was created in collaboration with the management of public projects. The park’s primary source of irrigation for the plants in the park is treated wastewater.

Let’s take a look at the top seven park activities.

1) Go for a Jog or Run

The park’s synthetic running track is built around the perimeter of the lovely pond. You can jog or run around the glistening pond while taking in views of the skyline. The track is wide enough to accommodate more than one person and has irregular markers that indicate distance travelled, making it ideal for both amateurs and professionals.

2) Enjoy Sports Activities

Al Quoz Pond Park offers sports facilities like volleyball courts, football fields, and basketball courts. There are matches held in the courts, as some courts come with spectator seats so that you can have an audience to watch your game. The management of the park allows matches to be held which adds a fun vibe.

3) Have Fun in the Playgrounds

The Al Quoz Park is the perfect attraction for kids and families, as the park has two play areas for children with all safety and protection. One playground is for children between the age group of 3 to 6 years, and the other is for children between the age group of 6 to 11 years. The playgrounds are equipped with climbing frames, shaded green areas, slides, and an array of swings. Kids can play inside the safe boundaries of the park.

4) Enjoy Delicious Food at the Eateries

After a tiring day playing your favorite sports or sliding down the slides, kids and adults can grab a bite at any one of the restaurants like the Wabi Sabi Restaurant, Huna (Kabab Alshabeya), or Qahwaty. You can either dine in or opt for a takeaway to sit and eat on the grassy lawns. While having breakfast or lunch at the Duck Garden Restaurant, you can also see ducks playing around wading in the water and experiencing a pleasant morning in the park.

5) Enjoy a Picnic on the Lawns

The green spaces in the park provide an ideal place to enjoy a picnic with your loved ones. Carry your picnic basket with your favorite sandwiches and drinks as refreshments. Kids can play around while parents can relax by reading a book or just lazing around in the grass. If you like picnicking, also discover Creek Park.

6) Be Mesmerized by the Sunset

As the sun goes beyond the horizon, the sky is filled with a blanket of a beautiful golden hue, creating a romantic atmosphere. The beauty of a sunset is unmatchable, and what better way than to enjoy seeing the sunset with the gleaming waters of the pond?

7) Click Some Photographs

Take your camera along with you while visiting Al Quoz Pond Park. Parks are full of shapes and designs, giving opportunities to take candid pictures of kids playing in the playground, the different flora and fauna, and the beautiful waters. There are many places in the park where you can capture beautiful pictures, taking back memories with you!

Al Quoz Pond Park


Al Quoz Pond Park Ticket Price

Visitors to the park do not have to purchase any tickets. Entry to the park is free for all age groups.

Al Quoz Pond Park Timing

The Al Quoz Pond Park is open daily from 8.00 am to 11.00 pm.

Al Quoz Pond Park Location

The Al Quoz Pond Park is in the Al Quoz 2 residential area on Al Maidan Road in the Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens area.

How to Reach Al Quoz Pond Park

To reach the park, you will have to take bus No. 7 or bus No. 21. One can also reach the park by taking the metro to Noor Bank Station, which is the closest to the park. You can visit the park by hiring a taxi or reaching in your private vehicle, as there is spacious and safe parking available for visitors to Al Quoz Pond Park.

Best Time to Visit the Al Quoz Pond Park

The best time to visit the park is during the winter months, from October to February. The weather is cool and pleasant. During the summer months, visit the park early in the morning or after the sun sets.


Do plan a visit to the Al Quoz Pond Park for enjoying a fun day out after a long week of work and the fatigue of daily routine with your family and friends, away from the hustle and bustle of city life.  Keep exploring the wonderful natural attractions in Dubai like Dubai Safari Park with your friends and family.

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