10 Fun Things to do in Dubai Creek Park

dubai creek dolphinarium

Tall buildings and classy skyscrapers are the things that come to mind when we think of Dubai. The city has several innovative attractions, but people hardly know that Dubai has many green spaces as well. Amongst all the public parks of the city, the Dubai Creek Park stands out because of its location. Sitting at the edge of the Dubai Creek, just between Bur Dubai and Deira, the Dubai Creek Park is one of the largest as well as the oldest parks of Dubai. Spanning an area of 96 hectares, the park is home to some amazing attractions.

Let us look at the 10 fun things to do in Dubai Creek Park.

Dubai Creek Park Attractions

Dubai Dolphinarium

  • Watch the Dolphin Show

One of the highlights of the Dubai Creek Park is the Dubai Dolphinarium. If you want to get to know about the intelligent dolphins, the Dolphin Show is something you must definitely see. Both kids and adults love to watch the fuzzy animals play some wonderful tricks like juggling and jumping through hoops. You may also get the chance to swim with their intelligent creatures during the show. Apart from the Dolphin Show, the Dolphinarium also has a mirror maze, a 5D and 7D theatre as well as a trampoline room. There are also 20 species of birds here, and you can take a closer look at them at the Creek Park Bird Show.

  •  Enjoy a Barbecue Picnic

The best way of spending a holiday at the Dubai Creek Park is to go on a picnic here. Not only is the place filled with greenery but it also offers a beautiful view of the Dubai Creek. Moreover, there are numerous BBQ spots in the park, where you can enjoy cooking and barbecuing with your family and friends. The Dubai Creek Park has several pre-installed barbecue stations to choose from. The only problem is that if you are planning for a barbecue picnic during the weekend, you need to arrive early, as the place gets crowded quickly during Friday and Saturday.

  • Learn at Children’s City

If you are visiting Dubai Creek Park with children, a visit to Children’s City is a must. An indoor infotainment center, the Children’s City helps kids learn things through fun, hands-on experiences. The place is home to a planetarium, a nature center, a global exhibition, a technology gallery and an earth-science gallery. Kids under the age of 6 years can be engaged at the toddler’s play area with games and activities as per their age. The place also has a theatre, which would entertain both kids and adults.

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  • Enjoy at the Play Area

If you do not have the time to visit the Children’s City, you really do not have to fret, as the Dubai Creek Park also has play areas for the little ones. Complete with swings, slides, climbing frames, etc. these play areas have everything to keep your children happy and entertained while you relax or take a stroll nearby. On the other hand, you can also join in the fun and recreate your childhood memories at the play area.

  • Rent a Dhow

As you are near the Dubai Creek, it is important not to miss the chance to go on a dhow ride here. You can rent a small wooden dhow at the Dubai Creek Park to ride on the Dubai Creek. This is a great way to relax and at the same time check out the scenes near the creek. You can also visit the tiny boardwalk near the dhow area. The traditional dhow along with the serene atmosphere of the area would make this ride a memorable one.

  • Enjoy a Mini Train Ride

The Dubai Creek Park is huge and covering the entire area by foot, especially if you have little children with you, can be tiring. To make it easier and at the same time fun, go for a ride on the mini train. The mini train takes you to different areas of the park. While it is relaxing for the adults, the little ones would find it extremely exciting. A mini train ride is a great idea if you are visiting park during the afternoons and want some shade from the excruciating Dubai heat.

  • Explore the Park on a Bicycle

If you want to explore the park while shedding off some of your holiday calories, you can opt to go for a bike ride. Biking gives you the chance to explore the place leisurely, at your own pace. You can check out the numerous themed gardens and flowerbeds on your bike. The best part is that you can rent a bike at the park if you wish to. This is a great way to explore the park with your family and friends.

  • Go on a Cable Car Ride

While walking, cycling and riding a train around the Dubai Creek Park is really fun, the ultimate experience here is the cable car ride. The cable car ride at the park lasts for 30 minutes and covers 2.3 km of the park. Soaring 30 meters above the park, the cable car ride gives you an aerial view of the park as well as the surrounding areas. It is a great way to not only see the beautiful Dubai Creek but also to check out the numerous attractions of Old Dubai. Do not forget to take your camera as it is a great chance to take some amazing pictures of the Old Dubai skyline.


  • Enjoy Delicious Meals

No outing in Dubai can be completed without food, and the same applies to Dubai Creek Park as well. The place has one main restaurant that is known for its seafood delicacies. Apart from this, there are several snack kiosks, outlets and old cafes where you can grab a bite or a drink on the go. The place also has several shawarma joints that you should try if you love this Middle Eastern delicacy.

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  • Play Golf

If you love to play mini golf, Dubai Creek Park gives you the perfect opportunity. The creek park is home to an 18-holes course where you can practice or show off your golfing skills.  The mini-golf club at Dubai Creek Park is a favourite amongst both locals and tourists. Do check it out even if you are a golf novice.

The Dubai Creek Park is a breath of fresh air for those who are tired of sightseeing in Dubai. A visit here would give you time to relax and enjoy the beauty of Dubai Creek in peace.

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