Dhow cruise on River Creek – An Ultimate Guide


There’s nothing better than spending quality time with your loved ones. It’s good to escape together, and share a few quiet moments away from the crowds and the noise. In Dubai, you can take the dhow cruise in Dubai Creek for this. The Dubai Creek is a saltwater creek that splits the city into two parts. It is a beautiful place from where you can get stunning views of the city. It is also an important part of the economy as it is used to commute between the two parts of the city.

If you’ve always wanted to take a dinner cruise, Dubai is the place to do it, as the dhow cruises are one of the most romantic cruises in the world. It comprises of delicious food & drinks, entertainment, and a peaceful cruise full of great views. The dhow boats are old fishing boats that were used when Dubai used to be a fishing town. These boats are beautiful, Emirati style boats. They have now been completely revamped, and decorated for the cruise. They are large enough to fit everyone comfortably, and small enough to make you feel cozy.

Let’s have a close look at what all we can expect in a dhow cruise in Dubai Creek.

1.A Hospitable Welcome

The staff on the dinner cruise are highly trained, polite and courteous. They will make you feel welcome. If you want, you will also be given a small tour of the dhow boat.  You will then be seated on your table which is decorated with flowers. The staff will then serve you with a delicious welcome drink that will awaken your appetite. The staff are good in communication, and can answer any questions you might have about the whole cruise experience.

2.Dinner Time

Dhow Cruise Dinner Creek

After your drink, and conversations, it will soon be time for dinner. Dinner service is a buffet dinner that is full of international and Emirati veg and non-veg cuisine. Delicious starters and salads, yummy main course and the decadent desserts, will warm your heart. The food is prepared by five-star quality chefs, who are absolute experts. The food is guaranteed to be some of the tastiest food you’ll ever eat in Dubai. After all, Dubai is the culinary capital of the Middle East, as it has the most number of 5 star trained chefs in the world.


Post dinner, you are entertained by Tanoura dancers. This type of dance has emerged from ancient Egypt. This involves the dancer to go around in circular motion, mimicking the spinning motion of the universe. This dance is only performed by male performers, and is guaranteed to thoroughly entertain you. It is one of the highlights of the cruise.


Top deck of the Dhow Cruise

Throughout the dinner, the dhow cruises the Dubai Creek. It quietly meanders about the waters, while you enjoy your dinner and entertainment. After dinner and the show, you can head to the top deck of the dhow to truly enjoy the cruise. From the top deck, you can enjoy amazing views of a Dubai city. The whole city and the skyline is lit up, making it a gorgeous view. Dubai has one of the most enviable skylines in the world, and you get to see the best of it on the cruise. Also, with the cool sea breeze blowing, and the starry sky, you will be glad that you are enjoying this with your loved one.

Though Dubai is hot during the day. In the evening and night, it is quite pleasant. The whole atmosphere is romantic. The city is gently lashed by the sea breeze, and the sky is clear, full of stars. This makes Dubai one of the most romantic cities in the world.

Dinner cruises Dubai are quite popular between couples, but there is another activity that couples can try. Overnight safari in desert is an adventurous and romantic activity. In the safari, you get to enjoy desert adventures, BBQ dinner, belly dance performance, and spend the whole night in the desert, under the stars. Dubai has many such romantic experiences for couples.