Love Lakes Dubai – Romantic Place To Visit In Dubai.

love lake dubai

Do you know the most sought-after romantic destinations in the UAE? Surely, it is the newly built Love Lake in Dubai!

Known all over the globe for its collection of architectural marvel, leisure attractions and shopping malls, Dubai has surely been one of the cities that never cease to enthral any of its visitors. Tickling your taste buds with the authentic cuisines, uncovering the secrets of the deep desert sand while enjoying a campfire, enjoying long walks on the romantic streets after dinner, etc. are some of the things to enjoy here. Apart from all this, you must visit one more place with your loved one. It is the Al Qudra Lake, which is also known as the Love Lake of Dubai.

Let us tour you to this most exotic romantic place of Dubai which will help you plan a nice romantic vacation with your loved one here.

love lake dubai

What is the Love Lake of Dubai and Why is it so Famous?

Inaugurated on November 18, 2018, Love Lake is a man-made water body carved in an area of 550,000 square meters and comprises of two huge heart shaped interconnected lakes. It is touted to be so large that it can be viewed from the space. This has been quoted to be a heaven for couples, and they fly in from throughout the globe to spend some quite time with each other on the banks of this beautifully designed lake. One thing that makes this lake all the more romantic is that it is located right in the middle of a desert.

As you near the entrance of this lake, you are greeted with a wooden sign board which has ‘Love Lake’ written on it. There are two entrances to this lake, and you can choose whichever suits your convenience. Here, along with the beautiful twin lakes entangled together for life, you also have some lush green lawns and scenic beauty which will add on to your thrill. There are three rubber tracks that extend more than 7 kilometres, and the trees are arranged in a manner that spells Love, when viewed from above.

The surroundings of the lake are dotted all over with wooden heart frames and signs and symbols of the heart shaped lake. You just don’t have to walk and jog around the lake, but also can sit quietly near the water body on the comfortable seating facilities and cool resting areas which are crafted using eco-friendly materials.

What Can You Find Here Other than the Lake?

Though surrounded by sand, it is an oasis in the middle of a desert. You have an exotic collection of flowers, plants and trees here which will mesmerize you with its colours and beauty. You will find the red begonia arranged in the shape of a heart and thousands of shrubs and more than 16,000 trees which include olives and mostly desert staple ghaf.

These wide varieties of plants, shrubs and trees that attract more than 150 species of birds towards them. You can find spot eagles, ducks, swans and falcons among many other birds that pay a small visit to this lake.


Do’s and Don’ts of Visiting Love Lake

  • Since Love Lake is located inside a desert, it is preferred that you reach the place by an SUV.
  • Carry drinking water and also remember that no washrooms are available here, so be prepared for the same.
  • The view of the sunset and sunrise is amazing from this place. But keep in mind that there are no lights here.
  • Prefer wearing slippers or flip-flops because you will have to walk on the sand here. Walking in closed shoes might cause inconvenience.
  • There are no cafes or restaurants nearby, so make sure that you have food and water with you. This gives you the chance to have a picnic here.
  • You would find designated BBQ areas here. Make sure to use charcoal barbecue and not the electrical one.


If you want to spend some quality quite time with your loved ones, this is a perfect place. So book your tickets now and enjoy the scenic beauty of this man made wonder.

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