Anniversary Party at Dhow Cruise Dubai – Parents and Family Surprise

Dhow Cruise Dubai

There are a few occasions when you can pay back or express your gratitude towards parents for all the sacrifices they did to bring us up. And anniversaries are one such special moment to acknowledge their endurance, and patience in shaping us what we are today. If you want to commemorate their years of living together, stability, and unwavering fidelity, then fly to Dubai and let them unwind like never before. For it is the best tourist destination of the Middle East that has something for everyone from a single traveler, to couple, and families. Your parents will love this city and feel proud of you for having them provided the opportunity to travel in this desert paradise. You will find lots of venues where you can celebrate your parents’ wedding anniversary. But the best venue to surprise them and melt their hearts and soul is, a dhow cruise.

By celebrating a wedding anniversary party in Dubai for your parents, you will have a grand opportunity to dress them for the special occasion as the city is known for its malls worldwide. Pay a visit to the Dubai Mall and let your parents see the magnificence of this city. Though age must have mellowed down their craving for glitz and glitter, they will still appreciate your choice of venue and clothing sense. Let them have the clothes of their choice as it’s their anniversary. Of course, they wouldn’t mind your suggestions. And when the “Big-Day” arrive, reach to the boarding station in style.


Why to celebrate wedding anniversary party on a dhow cruise

Whenever a special moment is imminent in our family, we tend to seek suggestions from relatives and friends on how to observe it. While this attitude builds up quite a good stock of anniversary ideas, believe us, nothing can beat the idea of celebrating a wedding anniversary on a dhow cruise. Families all over the continent prefer cruising as it gives them an opportunity to explore new places and develop memories that they can bask on for their rest of their lives. And when you are sailing on the tranquil and calm waters of the Dubai Creek, and the Dubai Marina, you are bound to collect golden memories that will linger on your mind till the last.

Your parents will love the relaxing sail through the man-made canals of Dubai. It is something that will excite children and other adult members of your family as well. The charming and beautifully decorated wooden dhow is one of the popular venues in Dubai for families to enjoy special moments of life. The positive vibe, and demonstration of Arabic culture and tradition of the dhow cruise just raise all the benchmarks of cool and comfortable cruising experience. As the dhow sails gently along the tranquil water of  Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina, several charming sights start unfolding to get lost in their beauty. The cruise will let you have a glimpse of the old Dubai in the form of Al Bastakiya Quarter built by the traders from neighboring country several years ago. The cruise in Dubai Marina will raise your admiration level for Dubai when you see the modern architectural structures rising to a maddening height standing testimony to Dubai’s progress.

Besides breathtaking sights, the dhow cruise is also known for serving the best buffet loaded with traditional and multi-continental dishes. In fact, it is regarded as one of the best floating restaurants in the world. The food and the ambiance are something your parents will never forget. It has all the facilities to raise the quotient of celebration, be it any occasion. The experience of celebrating life’s special moment on a dhow cruise is unparalleled. What  is interesting is the fact that the extra perk that come along with the cruise in the form of beautiful views is matchless. Besides sumptuous food, the background English and Arabic music, entertaining shows for children and adults makes the whole cruise package incomparable.


Another reason to celebrate wedding anniversary party for your parents on a dhow cruise is the hospitality and the humble nature of the staff. The management of the dhow cruise creates such a welcoming environment that you will feel at home. They develop and offer a herd of exciting things   to visitors for experiencing pleasure and leisure like nowhere else. After having a memorable time with your parents on the dhow cruise, you are sure to recommend it to others and very happily repeat the experience again.

However, to make the wedding anniversary party grand, you have to approach a professional dhow cruise company. But see that the company has a strong profile of organizing special events for years. If you don’t want to limit the celebration constrained to a budget, ask the tour operator for a customized plan and have everything from decoration to food and entertainment on the board according to your taste. Remember, it’s our responsibility to let our parents have a celebration that will make them feel life worth living. And what better way to honor them by organizing a wedding anniversary party on the dhow cruise.