Old and Modern Dubai City Tour with Dubai Frame

Night View of Dubai Frame

The Emirate city of Dubai is full of marvels. Right from the tallest building in the world, i.e. the Burj Khalifa to the largest natural flower garden in the world, i.e. the Dubai Miracle Garden, everything in Dubai leaves the world in awe. Apart from the record-breaking constructions, Dubai is also home to some unique attractions like the desert safari and dhow cruise Dubai. What makes the development of Dubai so surprising is that in the 70s when 7 Emirates came together to form the United Arab Emirates, Dubai was a modest fishing village. The development of the city during the last few decades has been exponential, and the Dubai Frame captures the development of the city from the old to the new perfectly. Here we talk about the Dubai Frame and how it your window to the old and new Dubai.

Dubai Frame: The Tallest Photo Frame in the World

the dubai frame

The Dubai Frame is the gold-coated, rectangular shaped structure that stands at the height of 150 meters and is 93 meters wide. Located inside Zabeel Park, the Dubai Frame is shaped in the form of a photo frame, and hence is known as the tallest photo frame in the world. Before we dive into the type of experiences you can enjoy at the Dubai Frame, here are some of the facts that you should know about this colossal structure.

  • The Dubai Frame opened its doors to the public in 2018.
  • It took around 2900 square meters of laminated glass and 2000 tons of steel to complete this structure
  • More than 15000 square meters of gold cladding was used on this structure
  • The Dubai Frame was designed by Fernando Donis, an award-winning architect, who is also the designer of the Dubai Renaissance Tower and the Porsche Design Towers.
  • It costed around AED 160 million to complete the work of this building.
  • The two parallel pillars of the frame are connected by a bridge that measures 100-square-meters.
  • There is a 25-square meter glass panel in the middle of the bridge of the Dubai Frame.
  • Dubai Frame is also known as the Golden Frame Dubai.

Experiences at the Dubai Frame

Dubai Frame is known to be a structure that seems to connect both old and new Dubai. This massive photo frame has been positioned in such a way that the old Dubai lies to its north and the new Dubai lies to its south. The bridge at the top of the Dubai Frame gives you an incredible view of the city. However, Dubai Frame is more than an observational deck. Here are some of the things that you would get to experience during your visit to the Dubai Frame.

The Old Dubai:

Before you are whisked to the top deck of the Dubai Frame, you get to visit the Old Dubai Gallery, located on the mezzanine floor, just after you enter the structure. This gallery with its multi-sensory features would take you right back to the times when Dubai was a fishing village. The museum or gallery is full of things from the past. However, along with the sights, you would get to experience the past time through smells and sounds as well. You get to know everything, right from how Dubai looked and how the Emiratis lived to their heritage and culture.

The Present Dubai:

Once you complete the exploration of the Old Dubai Gallery, you hop into the elevator, which would take you to the viewing deck at the top. Here, you would be able to see panoramic views of the city on both sides. The northern side of the Dubai is where you can see the quintessential old Dubai area, which include Deira, Bur Dubai, Dubai Creek Park, Karama, etc. And on the southern side of the Dubai Frame is the modern, elegant, and sophisticated side of the city. Here, you would get to see Dubai Marina, Burj Khalifa, Burj Al Arab, the Palm Jumeirah, etc. Apart from checking out the popular sights of the city, you would also get to know more about the city and its numerous attractions through augmented-reality screens. If you are brave, you can also attempt walking over the glass bridge, which would give you the feeling of walking on the clouds.

The New Dubai:

Apart from enjoying the view of the modern side of the Dubai, another unique experience awaits you at the Dubai Frame. As you come down from the observation deck, you get to walk through a vortex tunnel that attempts to give you a glimpse of the future of the city. This vortex tunnel is nothing less than a time machine that shows you the changes to be expected in Dubai some 50 years in the future. The interactive displays and audio-visual exhibits help in depicting a futurist illusion of the city.

Inside Dubai Frame

Breakfast with a View:

A new experience that you can enjoy here is breakfast at the Dubai Frame. This happens between 6 AM and 8 AM on weekends, i.e. every Friday and Saturday. It gives you the chance to enjoy your morning cup of coffee while watching the sun rising over the Dubai skyline. Along with a delicious cup of coffee, you would also get to devour on the choices of cakes and pastries from Yamanote Atelier, the famous Japanese bakery. It is important to remember that breakfast at the Dubai Frame is restricted to 100 people. Hence, book in advance if you do not want to miss this golden opportunity.

A visit to Dubai Frame would give you the chance to reflect on the past, present, and future of Dubai, just as it is meant to do. As the structure is located inside Zabeel Park, you can take some time to explore the park after your Dubai Frame tour is done. Dubai Garden Glow, Children’s City, and the Dinosaur Park are few other attractions you would find here. Apart from this, you can enjoy jogging, cycling, and boat riding here. Zabeel Park is also great for playing cricket and enjoying a barbecue party with family and friends.

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