Chillout Ice Lounge In Dubai – Activities, Tickets And Important Info

chillout Lounge in dubai

A Sharaf Group business, ChillOut is the Middle East’s first ice lounge, having opened in June 2007. Chillout Ice Lounge, located in the Times Square Center, provides a unique and incomparable experience for both residents and visitors in Dubai, and has become one of the region’s iconic landmarks. It is a spellbinding site with its seating arrangement, ice sculptures, and illuminated interiors, all at minus six degrees. You will go from a scorching 45°C outside to a chilly -6°C inside in no time! Locals and tourists alike go to the location to escape the heat and relax in its arctic-like surroundings.

Marvelous Architecture and Lighting

The uniqueness of subzero temperatures is combined with a one-of-a-kind interior design in the Chillout Lounge. It represents a technological breakthrough in refrigeration, architecture, and lighting. The Chillout Lounge truly is an intriguing architectural blend of glass, ice and steel. The diffused illumination shifts colours at regular intervals and filters via crystal clear chunks of ice, flooding them with low-lux hues in changing patterns, freezing the moment in its atmosphere. All of these features have been thoughtfully combined to produce one of the world’s top ice lounges.

What is Inside the ChillOut Lounge?

What is Inside the ChillOut Lounge

The 2,400-square-foot restaurant is divided into three sections. The lobby and lounge sections are divided by a zone known as the Buffer Zone. Visitors will be provided thermal gear once they enter the lobby to keep them warm in the cold weather. It consists of a hooded parka (heavy jacket), disposable woollen gloves, and shoes. Visitors are urged to spend some time within the Buffer Zone in order to acclimate. The buffer zone temperature is set at 5 degrees Celsius to allow the body to acclimate to the drastic drop in temperature within the dining area. It is cold and lovely.

Packages and Prices

The lounge charges 240 for family pass, AED 65 for child pass, and AED 105 for adult pass.

The Chillout Lounge Timings

Sat-Wed: 10am-10pm
Thu and Fri: 10am- midnight

How to reach the Chillout Lounge?

Follow the Red Line Metro towards the First Abu Dhabi Bank Metro Station and then exit. Take a bus to your destination from there.

For a stress-free ride, you can book a private cab.

The Lavish Spread at the Chillout Lounge

Every visitor who visits the Chillout is given a complementary welcome drink. Although coffee and tea are available, they recommend their distinctive hot chocolate, which is similar to what one might get in the Alps. The lounge serves grills, hot soups, juices, sandwiches, cappuccino, hot chocolates, tea, as well as a choice of deserts and mocktails, making it the first of its type in the world. The distinctive hot chocolate coupled with the nitrogen-cooled popcorn both are highly recommended because they transport one to the Alps.

Stylish Ice Bar

The elegant Chillout Ice Bar in Dubai, one of the top ice lounges in the world and perhaps the coolest bar across the Arabian Peninsula, serves cool drinks in cool settings. As if having the most buildings, the largest artificial island, the tallest skyscraper, and the most expensive hotel were not enough, the desert state of Dubai displays its opulence once more with the Chillout Ice Bar. The ice-cold café, together with the gorgeous indoor ski slope inside the Mall of the Emirates, is unquestionably the coolest attraction in Dubai. The Sharaf Group operates the Chillout Lounge, which is, of course, the Arabian Peninsula’s first ice bar. The bar first opened its doors in 2007. It reopened in July 2014, post major renovations, and its interior truly glows with fresh grandeur. Everything inside this Chillout Bar is created of ice: tables, couches, glasses, plates, and even the bar itself. Thick skins make sitting on the chilly stools more comfortable, while fruity beverages provide a splash of colour to the sparkling splendour. The entire furniture is made of glass, ice and steel, as are the different paintings made on the wall (framed in ice, definitely), and the exquisite ice sculptures in between.

Organize Shows and Events at the Chillout Lounge

 Chill-out Lounge in dubai

The Chillout ice lounge is ideal for film shoots, business events, and private hire too. That means you may relive the fun by arranging a party for your birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion. Because of its subzero temps, it adds a unique touch to your typical Dubai events.

Capture Moments with Camels in Snow

It’s a treat to see camels sauntering through Dubai’s golden dunes. Chillout Ice Lounge Dubai, on the other hand, takes it a step further. It has an ice camel lounging in a pristine atmosphere. Other sculptures include hearts, animals, an igloo, king-size seats, and many more that create a gorgeous backdrop.

Important Information

  • This ice lounge is wheelchair accessible
  • Small children and infants can ride inside in a stroller or pram
  • Options for public transportation are available nearby
  • Transportation choices are wheelchair accessible
  • Infants should sit on their parents or an adult’s lap
  • Ideal for every physical fitness level

Chillout Ice Lounge in Dubai provides an opportunity to experience winter cold in the midst of Dubai’s excessive heat. The Ice Lounge truly is a marvel: everything has been meticulously planned, from the interiors to the supplementary services for visitors like providing warm clothing and footwear. Every visitor to the lounge will also receive a delightful surprise.

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