10 Reasons Why You Should Visit UAE in 2024


The United Arab Emirates is known as “Pearl of the East.” It is not surprising that one of the reasons so many people visit the country is because of its natural beauty. Admire the modern and beautiful Arabic architecture, learn about the emirate’s history and culture, ride camels in a desert, swim with dolphins, spend a day at a water park, go on a hot air balloon adventure, and much more. The following are the ten good reasons you should visit the UAE. Continue reading!

Ten Reasons to Visit United Arab Emirates

Resorts and Luxury Hotels

Resorts and Luxury Hotels in UAE

There are many classics to choose from when looking for the ideal accommodation to immerse oneself in Dubai tourism. Some, on the other hand, represent the UAE’s old aesthetics, while others hug the city life’s new aesthetics. There are luxury hotels that provide the entire experience, as well as iconic hotels such as Atlantis the Royal & Atlantis the Palm. They have everything one would want with regards to entertainment, relaxation, and delicious food.

Jumeirah Palm

Jumeirah Palm UAE

it is the Palm Islands that is the most well-known man-made structures within Dubai, especially the Palm Jumeirah, which was the first completed by the government. The splendour of this island that is named after the palm tree-like shape, can also be seen from a helicopter. The island has miles of beautiful beaches, mighty boating opportunities, and several beautiful attractions like grand hotels, boardwalks, and excellent restaurants, all of which add to the tourism industry perfectly.

Desert Safari

Desert Safari Dubai

Dubai Desert Safari provides transportation to & from locations throughout Dubai. The breathtaking views of the desert while one rolls over the dunes indeed will last a lifetime. A desert safari accompanied with sandboarding, dunes, quad biking, & camels are also available. The desert safari includes a thrilling 20-minute dune bashing experience as well as a thrilling camping experience through camel riding, sand skiing, and quad biking. With so many combo tours and packages, it might seem overwhelming how to choose the best desert safari in Dubai, but you can divide the options based on your interests, timing of the day, and budget.


For those who enjoy shopping, it is also vital to visit the Emirates’ massive shopping malls. You can escape the heat and discover another world in this modern, air-conditioned and spacious hotel. Above all, shopping malls in the UAE are welcoming places where friends and families can gather and have fun.

Cultural Destination

Louvre Abu Dhabi in UAE

The creation of the Saadiyat Island, situated on the other part of Abu Dhabi, in fact has resulted in the establishment of a number of new museums. The Guggenheim & the Louvre Abu Dhabi are already world-famous. Many other ambitious museums are planned for the island. The Emirates richness will inevitably captivate culture lovers.

Security and Safety

The United Arab Emirates truly is the safest place in the Arab World. This is not merely due to the fact that the police are effective. The emirate has a high standard of living as well as a stable political & economic development. Even in dark alleys, you can stroll safely at night. The UAE is completely safe for visitors, which means you will almost never encounter a pickpocket for the strict local anti-crime laws. Tourists are treated well by the police, who keep them safe while on vacation and explain the quirks of Arab society.

Chilling Activities at the Beach

Dubai beach

Relaxation is encouraged by turquoise waters, fine sand, and beaches. At certain times of the year, even minor changes in the environment, like temperature and humidity, necessitate trial and error. People come here for running, swimming, and unwinding. Kite surfing, yachting, diving, water skiing, and other water sports are also available. As a result, this is appropriate for families, couples, & groups of friends.

Family Setting

Kidzania Dubai

There are numerous attractions for kids in the UAE with each being more extravagant and unique. So, when the climate takes them abroad even for a short time, this is where most locals & tourists spend the majority of their time. They travel from Ski Dubai to Kidzania, Water Zoo, the Children’s Town,/the Sega Republic with the Olympic Ice Rink.

Sumptuous Food

The UAE, which has some of the best restaurants in the world, provides an endless choice of international & local cuisine. While global food chains, cafes, and pizzerias can be found throughout the country, local Emirati cuisine is a must-try in both chic restaurants & inexpensive roadside eateries. As a result, you have a fantastic opportunity for saving money while also enjoying delicious food. The UAE is truly a foodie’s paradise. As a cosmopolitan state, the assortment of food in the UAE is enormous. Furthermore, if you are a non-vegetarian, Emirati cuisine will definitely keep your tummy enjoying and singing for months. In fact there are many tasty dishes that many people have never tried, such as exotic camel meat, falafel, an enormous variety of seafood, and a world of cuisines such as Chinese, European, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Pakistani, & more. Chefs are indeed flown in from all over the world to bring authenticity into the cuisine in the UAE.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

It is the largest within the United Arab Emirates. It can hold up to 55,000 worshipers and visitors per day. The mosque was built in just over a decade to showcase Islamic and Arab architecture and to attract people of all faiths for learning about the culture, history, and mesmerizingly comprehensive architectural essentials of the Islamic & Arab Worlds.

Bottom Line

There are numerous reasons to travel to the UAE. The country has experienced exceptional socioeconomic development over the past two decades, the credit for this goes to the government’s significant efforts with a strong emphasis on tourism. The above are the ten valid reasons to tour the United Arab Emirates, a country that combines traditional and ultra-modern elements. The UAE is both a modern & dynamic country steeped in culture & history, an enthralling place where the traditionalism meets the modernism and technology harmonizes with traditional values. The UAE also happens to be amid the wealthiest countries in the Middle East, making it a one-of-a-kind destination for a luxury vacation. The truth however is there are many more reasons to visit the UAE than just these ten.

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