Dhow Cruise Dubai Creek Marina Deals & Offer

Cruising in Dubai

Dubai has everything to leave you awestruck owing to the profusion of towering skyscrapers, entertainment and adventurous outings, and shopping centers that are comfortable, and modern with the best brands of the world ready for grab. It is a leading tourist destination that is creating ripples across the world in terms of holiday experiences. When you are in Dubai, the one thing you must indulge in is cruising. Taking on a cruise expedition in Dubai is like exploring the world at one setting. It is the most romantic experience for honeymooners and a nice way to connect with each other for families. While cruising has become a major source of income for the city, it’s no wonder that hundreds of tour operators are competing to get your dollars.

The companies that organize holiday tours lure customers with attractive and customized packages. Though this is a welcome affair for tourists, it also raises difficulties in choosing one. If you are smitten by the opulence, luxury, and comfort of this city, these tips will guide you in choosing the right dhow cruise Dubai package in your budget. 

1.Decide the cruising location

Dhow Cruise Marina Creek

Offering cruising services to tourists is taken at two locations – the Dubai Creek and the Dubai Marina. Read what is being offered in the cruising package first and decide what things are you interested in seeing. Each of the cruising package will cover different destinations. Even the time and boarding stations would differ. If your skin is sensitive to the afternoon heat, then select the evening or night cruise. This will make you see Dubai in a totally different light. Believe us, cruising in the tranquil waters of the Dubai Creek and Dubai Marina and watching the illuminated skyscrapers on either side as well as the stars will be the best expedition of your life. If you want to sail on the waters, watching people on several water transport bodies, then you will enjoy the day time cruising.

2.Cruising Cost

It is important to consider how much you are going to pay for the cruising experience. Just read between the lines of the offers provided in the package. The dhow cruise Dubai package comes either all inclusive or with additional charges. The former type of package would cover traveling expenses to and from your hotel. It is not mentioned ‘all inclusive,’ you have to pay extra for transportation to and from the port. Anything that is not included in the package would be extra such as alcohol, and shore excursions.

3.Choose the right season

Which time of the year you visit Dubai will also affect the cost of the dhow cruise package in Dubai. If you want to experience it in your budget, then avoid the tourist season such as Christmas. Though you will enjoy your holiday the most during this holy festival, you have to pay premium charges for anything and everything. When choosing the dhow cruise package, you have to know that Dubai gets hot and hotter throughout the year. And the possibility of the rain coming down during the day is also high. The New Year Party dhow cruise is a brilliant way to usher in new beginnings. So decide whether you want to avoid the tourist rush during the festive season, or the extreme hot weather during the day. Thing at these factors will leave with the best option of a night time cruise.

4.Which tour operator to choose

This is the most confusing question you will come across when selecting a dhow cruise tour operator. Under such circumstance, research is the best weapon to use. If you prefer the night time cruise, then compare packages with a dhow dinner cruise Dubai and also check the other  combo package of other activities like Dhow-Desert Safari combo it will help to save money. . If you set your foot on the wrong cruise line, your time and money will be wasted. Therefore, check the types of food and entertainment along with pick-up and drop facilities offered. Take suggestions from known people who have already tried the cruise line. Remember, a right dhow cruise package and a professional dhow cruise operator can make the difference in your holiday experience.

5.Go for dhows smaller in size

Dhows sailing on the Dubai waters come in varied sizes. They are designed and made to cater both small and big numbers of people. Dhows bigger in size will accommodate more people and smaller ones less people. Since the former types have more people on the deck, they would probably not be able to provide personal attention to each passenger. Whereas, the latter types can easily offer personalized experience as they carry a lesser number of people. However, if you are going for a dhow dinner cruise Dubai, then the size should not make any difference.

Cruising is the most loving and indulging activities in Dubai for honeymooners, and families. It is one of thing that draws visitors to the city repeatedly. However, before choosing the dhow cruise Dubai package, you must consider these tips