Dubai During Ramadan: A Guide To A Wonderful Vacation

happy ramadan in dubai

Dubai is beautiful, but it becomes ecstatic in Ramadan. The ninth month of the Islamic calendar, Ramadan, is a period to observe fast, indulge in spiritual awareness, and develop greater discipline. While the city slows down a bit with the daytime fast, a vibrant atmosphere emerges at night.  Expect dazzling decorations, lavish feasts, and a more reflective spirit alongside the usual awe-inspiring attractions. 

A. What is Ramadan?

Ramadan is the holiest month observed by Muslim across the world. This is the month when every Muslim practices fast from dawn until sunset for the entire month. This is the practice that pays tribute to the time when the first revelation of the Koran was given by Prophet Muhammad. Foods and drinks that are served before dawn is called Suhoor and the feast served to end the fast is called iftar. This is the time when followers of Islam need to focus on holy teaching and zakat (charity). Visiting a Muslim country during Ramadan will give you the true picture of the holy month. If you’re planning to visit Dubai during this month, you’ll enjoy both the extravaganza of the holy month and vibrancy of different places.  You’ll surely observe a change in the nightlife and the lifestyle of the people here. But at the same time, you’ll also enjoy special events, food during iftar, and how Ramadan rules. The end of this month begins the vibrant Eid Al Fitr festival.

B. Ramadan in Dubai 2024 Dates 

The dates of Ramadan depend on the crescent visibility as announced by the moon sighting committee. In 2024, Ramadan is expected to fall between 10th or 11th March – 9th or 10th April. An islamic month continues for 29 or 30 days based on moon’s glimpse. 

C. A Day in Ramadan in Dubai

Suhoor: The Pre-Dawn Meal 

Before the break of dawn, Muslims wake up in the still and quietness of the night. As they fast from dawn to sunset, Suhoor gives them the right start for the day. Before the fast begins, suhoor is done. It is an important meal to prep up your body for fasting throughout the day. After the meal, adhan (call to prayer) begins when fasters join and seek forgiveness from the Almighty.

Siyam: The Fasting 

With the first silver of dawn, the fast begins. It is about 12 hr-long period dedicated to prayer, charity, and self-reflection. People visit mosques to gain awakening from spiritual leaders and seek solace. 

Iftar: Breaking of Fast 

As the sun sets, people start preparing a lavish meal for Iftar. This is the time when families get together, pray, and savor the delicious spread of dishes. While some locals eat in their homes, others flock to restaurants. The city comes alive in the evening as people browse local markets and soak in the buzzing atmosphere. After the meal, an evening prayer often follows, a time of gratitude for the blessings of the day and the strength to continue the fast.

Taraweeh: Night Prayers

Ramadan is a time to reflect upon yourselves and your deeds. Many Muslims attend Taraweeh, special night prayers held in mosques throughout Ramadan. These prayers offer a chance for devotion and gain knowledge from the pious Quran sayings. The last ten days of Ramadan are considered particularly holy, with many Muslims devoting more time to prayer and religious observances.

How to Greet in Ramadan in Dubai?

The most common way to address and greet locals during Ramadan in Dubai is by saying, “Ramadan Kareem” or “Ramadan Mubarak.” 

D. Dubai in Ramadan 2024: Highlights & Things to Do

Dubai is a lot quieter during the holy month than usual. Most of the restaurants and cafes remain closed for days. However, you can still enjoy your best time during the trip to Dubai. Let us now check top reasons on why one must visit Dubai during Ramadan:

1.Summer rates are quite low:

As the holy month falls during the summer season, and Dubai being considered as an off-season location, the rates of hotels come drastically down. Shopping malls, buses and other public areas are cooled by aircon. With Ramadan falling during this season, you can save enough money on your stay. From five stars to budget hotels, you can have options to stay and enjoy the best time during Ramadan Dubai. Moreover, these hotels also serve some of the best Ramadan special menus in lower price. So why not try these delicious items while staying at a reputed hotel under affordable rates. You can know more about Dubai in April to plan your trip wisely.

2.Right time to learn about the culture:

Ramadan is the time to observe the holy Islamic culture. The atmosphere and air is totally different in Dubai. People emphasize more on self-reflection, and try to engage in charity. Regular prayer, scarifying the entertainment and certain practices are common scenes witnessed during Ramadan. Pay a visit to Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding, which is known for raising awareness about the various cultures in Dubai. Here, one can ask questions and learn about the Islamic culture. Similarly, also visit Jumeriah Mosque and other mosque in Dubai where a tour guide will explain about the importance of this month.

3.Best place to enjoy different feasts:

Though restaurants and cafes don’t stay open throughout the day, tourists can still enjoy a great feast. However, drinking and smoking in public is strictly prohibited. There are special large tents built where delicious foods are being served during iftar. One can enjoy plates piled high with flatbread, butter chicken, rice with sultanas and a variety of vegetables. Some of the places to enjoy great food are 3inl Restaurant at the Vida Downtown, and  Armani Hotel. However, check the timings before you go to any of the restaurants. Also, check out Jumeirah Beach Hotel to enjoy a grand iftar.

4.Sip the high tea at Atmosphere:

At.mosphere is located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa and one can enjoy a high tea at the 422 metres up in the sky. This high tea consists of tiny cakes and sandwiches, rare-beef, tiny tuna sandwiches and a few others. It would be a great moment to see Dubai with an aerial view and enjoying some great food. Apart this place, one can also enjoy platters and cocktails at The Address Hotel, The Palace Downtown, Asteer at Atlantis The Palm and other places. Tourist can enjoy some of the best food during Ramadan that will really make the trip go great.

5.Enjoy touring around Dubai:

Apart from tasting amazing feast of Ramadan, Dubai offers some great places to explore. From skyscrapers to illuminating malls, one can experience the human made marvellous architectural work. Go for the city sightseeing by a bus tour that allows you to explore the city. Tour around the city during the night  and watch the illuminating high-rise and nightlife of the city. The rates in this city do fall down due to low occupancy. Another way to explore the city is by hiring a charter yacht or boat. Dhow Cruise offers some thrilling on sea experience for tourists under affordable deals. Be it fishing on the Dubai Creek or enjoying the party at the yacht, one can have a good time with family and friends on charter boats. Enjoy the delicious cruise dinner in Dubai having Ramadan special items served.

6.No more crowds:

Places like shopping malls, public parks and other places are crowded with locals and tourists. But during Ramadan, there is a slower gear. Work hours are shorter, so shops in malls don’t remain open for long, eventually leading to less people hanging around. During this you can easily get tickets to places like Burj Khalifa, waterparks and other tourist attractions. However, the opening and closing time may change.

7.Enjoy the discounts:

Touring around Dubai during Ramadan is like saving your money. Dubai, which is quite expensive in terms of tourism and shopping, offers great discount on hotels, food and shopping areas. Some hotels offer iftar and suhoor meals under special package. Also enjoy the shopping fiesta across Dubai with discounts offered on branded products. The Ramadan Night Market is a must visit in Za’abeel Hall World Trade Centre Dubai, where more than 400 outlets are open offering range of products to shop for.

Though planning your trip to Dubai during Ramadan is a great way to explore the culture and tradition and more importantly saving money. But there are a couple of tips to consider and should be strictly followed:

  • From sunrise to sunset, eating, drinking and smoking are strictly prohibited in public places.
  • Being a tourist, you need to follow and respect the dress code during the month of Ramadan.

If you’re expecting music in restaurants, then you’ll be disappointed. However, the good news is, it is generally played after fasting hours. During Ramadan, try some vegetarian food with loads of flatbread and salads offered. You can also check out dhow cruise deals. So pack your back, book your tickets and head to Dubai to enjoy affordable trip and tasty feast.

E. Food and Drink in Ramadan in Dubai 

According to the latest rules in 2022, eating in public restaurants is now allowed. Many restaurants in hotels and malls will remain open throughout Ramadan. You may find a few restaurants or eating places will have curtained-off areas or serve behind screens to allow non-fasting people to dine privately. You can also get seats into some traditional Ramadan tents, or Iftar tents, that serve special Ramadan buffets after sunset. The staple dishes include dates, Arabic coffee, and Qamardeen.

Meals for Suhoor: Oatmeal, eggs, dates, nuts, fruits (watermelon, oranges, strawberries, and cucumbers), lentil, spinach, etc.

Meals for Iftaar: Soups, grilled meats, rice, biryani, ouzi, fruits, Baklava, Laban, kanafeh, etc.

F. How Should Tourists Behave in Ramadan in Dubai?

Dubai is a conservative city, and when you visit in Ramadan, you have to abide by the following rules: 

  • During the day, while some restaurants may cater to tourists, avoid consuming food or drinks openly out of respect for those fasting. 
  • Do not smoke, drink alcohol, or chew gum in public spaces. 
  • Dress modestly, covering shoulders and knees. This is a sign of respect for Islamic culture, especially when visiting religious sites.
  • Be mindful of taking photos, be it of government buildings or locals praying. It’s always polite to ask permission before photographing people.
  • If you are traveling with your lover, do not indulge in public displays of affection. 

G. Tourist Attractions Opening Times During Ramadan 

Most of the tourists believe that the UAE remains closed during Ramadan. Well, it’s not the truth. The lifestyle of metropolises, such as Dubai and Abu Dhabi, slows down a bit. The restaurants and attractions adjust their hours during this holy month to respect the feelings and practice of the locals. Following is the list of typical timings of tourist attractions in Ramadan:

  • Miracle Garden: It opens daily from 10 am to 10 pm.
  • Burj Khalifa: Usually, it opens at 8.30 am, but during Ramadan, it opens at 11 am.
  • Mall of the Emirates: It opens from 10.00 am to midnight, while some shops might have lesser working hours.
  • Dubai Mall: From Monday to Thursday, it opens from 10 am to midnight, while on weekends, it closes by 1 am. The shops may have shorter hours during Ramadan.
  • IMG Worlds of Adventure: It operates from 3 pm to 9 pm.
  • Desert Safari: there might be changes in the timing of the meals, so ask the operator before booking.
  • Dhow Cruise: Dhow cruises may have adjusted times during ramadan, so consult the operator beforehand.

H. Best Ramadan Tents and Majilis in Dubai

Dubai is dotted with opulent restaurants and local eateries. But to get the authentic experience of dining a meal in Ramadan in Dubai, visit the fancy, well-embellished, and customized Ramadan tents and Majilis. Here are the top sophisticated tents that offer Arabian cuisine.

  1. Al Majlis and Ramadan Nights Garden, Madinat Jumeirah
  2. Asateer Tent, Atlantis the Palm
  3. The Majlis, Mandarin Oriental
  4. Ramadan majlis, DWTC
  5. Fairmont The Palm
  6. Terrace Between the Towers, Jumeirah Emirates Towers
  7. Al Hadheerah, Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa
  8. Laylati Majlis, Grand Hyatt


When does Ramadan 2024 start?

Ramadan 2024 began from 1th March, 2024.

When will Ramadan 2024 end?

Ramadan 2024 will end around 9th April.

Do I need to fast as a visitor in Dubai in Ramadan?

No, fasting is mandatory for Muslims only. However, it's respectful to be mindful of those who are fasting by avoiding eating and drinking in public during the day.

Will restaurants be closed?

Not necessarily. Many restaurants will remain open with adjusted hours, catering to tourists and locals alike. Some may have designated areas for non-fasters to eat during the day.

Is Dubai open for tourists during Ramadan?

Yes, Dubai has all the attractions opened duing Ramdan. Moreover, you'll find beautiful Ramadan decorations, special night markets, and a unique cultural experience.

How should I dress?

Dress modestly in public areas, covering shoulders and knees. This shows respect for the holy month.

What is closed during Ramadan?

Restaurants and attractions adjust their hours, shops slightly reduce hours, and malls extend time to night hours.


Ramadan in Dubai is one of the most precious times to embrace the authntic experience. With these ideas and things to do, you can plan a wonderful vacay.