Top Things to do in Turkey

Süleymaniye Mosque Turkey

Are you flying to Turkey and still confused where to begin with? Well to make it memorable, here are few great activities and attractions of this entwined city of west and east.

Turkey is a spellbinding destination that manages to spread its either legs to Asia and Europe. This straddling combination heads you to a different world that has history buffs, cultural endowments and scenic beauty. When you are wowing the vast history, the mountainous crafts and coastal fringes leave you marvelously surprised. The living nation invites you to observe its chic style, modern architecture, traditional monuments and bustling crowd. Scroll down and read the top things you must do while in Turkey: –

1: Hear prayers at the grand mosques

When in Turkey, knee down at the beautifully constructed and impressively located Blue Mosque. The 17th century mosque has enticing blue ornamental work done on the walls and has 6 minarets. Don’t stop here as Turkey shout outs for trail of other opulent mosques in its premise. We have the outstanding Suleymaniye Mosque, small yet splendid Rustem Pasha, ornate New Mosque, elaborately decorated Sehzade Mosque and more such pilgrimage places.

2: Dip into the culinary delights

As enthusiastic and creative Turkey is in its tourism, it is totally a ‘thumbs up’ in its cuisines. All the foodies can have rich flavored meals and unique drinks to satiate their appetite and feed their taste buds. Grab a Kumpir- the baked potato, cut the sesame seeds Pretzel at any bakery, gobble the cinnamon sprinkled chicken breast pudding, feel the Borek pastry melting in the mouth, bite into Baklava- a pastry of nuts and honey, and enjoy a Turkish meat dish-Doner. While you have loads of eatery opened with a view of composed landscape, you can sip the signature Turkish tea, have the national Ayran drink, and raise a glass of pomegranate juice.

3: Hop and shop

Grand Bazaar is one of the oldest and largest markets in the world. Spread over 61 streets with over 3000 shops no one can miss anything to purchase here. Move around, go bargaining and buy everything you can. You’ll love the comprehensive products- carpets, jewelry, ceramics, and more. Then is the Ulus market running down the cobblestone street selling the baskets, olive oils, handmade soaps, window dressings and slippers. You can be at Istinye Park, Zorlu Center, Piazza and Forum Bornova to add to an experience.

4: Walk into the museums

If history is your interest, come at the Hagia Sophia. It has been a thing of constant change from the largest Orthodox cathedral to majestic mosque and now an inviting museum. Located near the Topkapi Palalce (a colorful museum itself), the grand Istanbul Archaeological Museum is the other stop to learn and study the artifacts and arts of past.

5: Cruise around the Mediterranean shore

This oasis is every adrenaline junkies’ dream because you can bag a lot of options down the Mediterranean coastline with sun, sand and swimming. Gliding along the hilly areas, gorgeous bays, steep coasts, hustling ports and ancient city you can find a happy escape zone. The Blue Cruise is one of the pumped up tours sporting tiny white sand, forest-clad regions and lucid landscape. Not so keen on a cruise? Then you can also check out the best beaches in Turkey that are lined along its gorgeous Mediterranean shorelines – perfect to enjoy moments in serenity and stillness.

6: Visit the all-in-one Takism Square

Thanks to Takism Square that you don’t have to be at several places for different needs. Famous as the heart of Istanbul, this lively and vibrant region has galore of options to shop, eat, drink and tour. Swamped with young crowds 24 hours, the Square offers night clubs, bars, movies theatres, parades and concerts.

7: Capture the bewildering beauty of Cappadocia

You would have never seen something like this- it’s a city coveted for its rock formations. The entire place is transformed to a volcanic rock look that seems like a wave has stopped the movement. A few exhibitions are because of the thousands of years’ old volcanic eruption while others got dug and crafted by humans’ hands. Shaped from the geological odds, you feel magnetized by the Rose Valley, Old Village, Monastery Valley, Goreme Open-Air Museum and a classic topography.

 8: What about a boat tour to Bosphorous!

Bosphorous is a sweep tour of Turkey in case you’re staying for just a day. You can find an applauded round of best attractions at this confined region without regretting to miss anything. This natural strait hooking the Black Sea with Sea of Marmara is strategic and significant location. But, what are the scoring attractions? Ottoman Palaces, restaurants, old villas, Maiden’s Tower, Rumeli ruins, parks, cafeterias, mosques and more to give you synoptic country’s look.

In a nutshell, the inevitable and inescapable Turkey has managed to outgo the tourists’ expectations with its lush and jaw-dropping destinations to stunning historic buildings. A visit to this beautiful country would definitely be a delightful experience. You would easily find halal hotels in Turkey, if you have such specific preferences.

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