Best Romantic Restaurants in Dubai

Glasshouse Restaurant Dubai

Dubai offers a great culinary experience as it possesses a great number of restaurants with innumerable variety of cuisines. This is a place that celebrates world cuisine like no other. Right from the Mediterranean cuisine consisting of kebabs, falafel and hummus to French, Asian, European, Indian and other cuisines, this Emirate city has restaurants that can satisfy every kind of palette. Apart from the food it offers, the restaurants in Dubai are also known for their amazing décor, architecture and ambiance. With this note, we move to the list of restaurants in Dubai.

Amazing Restaurants in Dubai For Couples


Location: Madinat Jumeriah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Average Cost for 2 People: AED 1800

The Pierchic exudes romance and fantasy right from its look to its ambience and is one of the most romantic restaurants to dine with our partner. Built at the end of a wooden pier, this restaurant stands right on the blue waters of the Arabian Gulf. Located in Al Qasr, Madinat Jumeirah, this restaurant is a paradise for seafood lovers. This place serves the best and the most delicious offerings of scallops, oysters, lobster, sashimi, fresh fish, etc. It also has a bar and lounge where you can enjoy drinks and music. While the food of Pierchic would make you revisit this place, the décor and the ambiance would definitely blow your mind. It is simply, but elegantly decorated and the view of Dubai from your table is something that you would remember for a long time. If you are planning to take your partner on a romantic date, there is no better place than Pierchic for it.

2.Dhow Cruise Dinner on Dubai Marina:

Dhow Cruise Dubai Floating Restaurant with a View of Dubai Marina In Duba
Dhow Cruise Dubai Floating Restaurant with a View of Dubai Marina In Dubai

Location: Dubai Marina-Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Average Cost for 2 People: AED 250

If you are looking for a unique and romantic dining experience to try out with our partner in Dubai, the dhow cruise dinner is something you must try. Earlier the dhow cruise dinner was available only on the Dubai Creek. But with the introduction of the new and modern Dubai Marina, the dhow cruise dinner was introduced here and soon became really popular. There are amazing things to see and do in the posh neighbourhood of the city, Dubai Marina, and the dhow cruise dinner here offers an experience unlike any other. The traditional dhow is converted into a luxury restaurant with an upper and lower deck. After the complimentary drinks, you are free to enjoy the delicious buffet spread comprising both Arabic and international cuisine. Live entertainment, usually Tanura dancing, is also available for the guests. While there are several best restaurants in Dubai Marina, the dhow cruise dinner surely tops the list for a romantic restaurant in Dubai.

3.Majlis Al Bahar:

Majlis Al Bahar Restaurant in Dubai
Majlis Al Bahar Restaurant in Dubai

Location: Jumeirah Beach Road, Um Suqeim – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Average Cost for 2 People: AED 1500

The Burj Al Arab is known as the only seven star hotel, mostly because of its extravagant décor and the exemplary service it provides. Also, this sail shaped hotel is home to nine restaurants that serve the most delicious dishes. While each of these restaurants is known for its marvellous décor and food, the Majlis Al Bahar is popular for its simplicity. Unlike the other restaurants, Majlis Al Bahar is not situated inside the four walls of the restaurant. Rather it is right on the private beach on the hotel. With just a table and chairs for the furnishing, the décor of this restaurant is the beautiful Arabian Gulf. While the view that the restaurant provides is breathtaking and perfect for a romantic dinning experience , its menu is one that would satisfy every food lover. With the best dishes from the Middle Eastern and Mediterranean cuisines, the Majlis Al Bahar is definitely one of the most extraordinary restaurants in Dubai. Loved this place? Discover more beach resorts in Dubai for a cosy holiday.


Nobu Restaurant in Dubai
Inside Nobu Restaurant

Location:  22nd floor of Atlantis- The Palm Jumeirah – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Average Cost for 2 People: AED 850

Nobu, located in Hotel Atlantis the Palm, is a Japanese restaurant by Chef Nobu Matsuhisa. The speciality of the place is that it preserves the authenticity of Japanese traditional cuisine even while giving it a contemporary twist. Apart from this, it also incorporates several Arabic elements too. The Miso-Marinated Black Cod is the signature dish of the place. Also, Lobster Quinoa Ceviche is something you must try. Other than this, the sushi bar and the sake lounge of the restaurant are the highlights of the place. Couples often flock here to unwind in this charming interior. For more such romantic things to do in Dubai, you can check out our blog.


Ashiana Best Indian Restaurant in Dubai
Ashiana Best Indian Restaurant in Dubai

Location: Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers – Deira- Dubai- United Arab Emirates
Average Cost for 2 People: AED 500

Ashiana is a restaurant that serves Indian cuisine and is also one of the Best Romantic Indian restaurants in Dubai. A part of Sheraton Dubai Creek Hotel & Towers, Ashiana is run by Michelin star chef Vineet Bhatia. The décor and the ambience of the place are warm, yet contemporary. On the other hand, the dishes are a culmination of flavours from different parts of India. However, the highlight of the restaurant is not limited to this. Rather, Vineet’s interpretation of each dish is what makes the place really special and also the reason for people returning back to the place every time. While there are several Indian restaurants in Dubai, Aashiana definitely takes the title for being the best.

6.Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara:

Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara underwater View Restaurant In Dubai
Nathan Outlaw at Al Mahara underwater View Restaurant In Dubai

Location: Burj Al Arab Jumeirah – Jumeirah St – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Average Cost for 2 People: AED 1300

You have to agree that the hotel Burj Al Arab does everything in style. This is the reason why it is on this list for the second time. While we are talking about the best restaurants in the emirate city of Dubai, we have to mention Al Mahara (The Oyster Shell), which is a seafood speciality and is located right inside an aquarium. Last year, the restaurant was re-launched by the UK based Nathan Outlaw, Michelin-starred chef. The interiors have been refurbished a bit to change the elaborate settings to something more subtle, giving it a more youthful vibe. But it is the food that has really become the talk of the town.

Known for his straight-forward approach to seafood, Nathan Outlaw has revamped the menu to add some of his best dishes. The highlight of the menu is definitely the lobster risotto, which is the chef’s signature dish, in which the lobster meat is served with carnaroli rice, green scallions and orange segments. Other than this, the duck breast with shallots and pickled walnuts, crispy lamb scrumpet, seared yellowfin tuna, etc. are some of the dishes that you should check out while viewing the colourful marine life swimming around you. The dress code allows the guests to dress in semi formal and casual attires. If you love seafood, a visit to the restaurant would not fail to tantalize your taste buds. Or else, you can check out the best vegan and vegetarian restaurants in Dubai.


At.mosphere Restaurant with View Of Dubai At Burj Khalifa
At.mosphere Restaurant with View Of Dubai At Burj Khalifa

Location: Burj Khalifa -Downtown Dubai – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Average Cost for 2 People: AED 1000

If you are looking for a gourmet experience which goes much beyond delicious food, At.mosphere is a restaurant that you would like to visit with our partner  for a romantic dinning . Located on the 122nd floor of the Burj Khalifa, the tallest building in the world, At.mosphere is definitely the highest restaurant in the entire world. One of the best things about this restaurant is that the view that if offers. You can skip visiting the Observation Deck and instead book a table at the restaurant where you can not only enjoy a magnificent view of the city and the Arabian Gulf but also indulge in gastronomical delights. Be it breakfast, lunch, high tea or dinner, the food at the At.mosphere would not disappoint you. The only downside about this restaurant is that it can be a little expensive. However, when you compare it with the price of the Observation Deck, you would realize that dining at the restaurant is more advantageous. Moreover, the food and view are worth every penny you pay, and it is surely one of the best Dubai restaurants with a view.

8.Al Hadheerah:

Al Hadheerah restaurant In Dubai Desert Safari
Al Hadheerah restaurant In Dubai Desert Safari

Location: Bab Al Shams Desert Resort – Al Qudra Road – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Average Cost for 2 People: AED 900

When it comes to dining in a desert it  is considered as the most romantic thing to do with our partner on a visit to Dubai , most people opt for a desert safari experience where they get to enjoy adventurous activities, entertainment and delicious food too. However, if you want to give the adventures of dune bashing and sandboarding a skip and indulge in the culture, traditions and food of the Arabs in a luxurious fashion, Al Hadheerah is the place you would definitely like. Located amidst Dubai’s golden sand dunes, Al Hadheerah is a true desert oasis which would provide you with the true Arabian experience. The Arabic food served here is as authentic as it can get, and the best part is that they are all prepared for all to see, at open counters. While the buffet dinner of delicious local food and mouth-watering desserts is something you would undoubtedly savour, you would also enjoy the various entertainment including belly dancing, live singing, falcon and horse demonstration, etc. The Al Hadheerah is the perfect restaurant to go to celebrate traditional Arabia.

9.Kebab Grill 44:

Kebab Grill 44 best Indian restaurant in Dubai
Kebab Grill 44 best Indian restaurant in Dubai

Location: Capitol Warehouses, Warehouse 18 – Al Quoz – Dubai – United Arab Emirates
Average Cost for 2 People: AED 200

Dubai is a city where you would get to enjoy food from all around the world. The majority of the expat community in Dubai are Indians and hence it would not be a surprise to find several popular Indian restaurants in the city. Dubai Mall is one of the places in the city where you would find a variety of restaurants serving Indian cuisine. If you are ever in Dubai Mall during lunch or dinner time, the Kebab Grill 44 on the second floor is one of the best Indian restaurants in Dubai Mall. Serving authentic North Indian cuisine, this restaurant is popular for its Murgh Malai Tikka, Mutton Biriyabi, Butter Chicken, Paneer Makhni and Rogan Gosh. Whatever you choose to eat the Kebab Grill 44, you would not have enough and would want to visit this place every single day of your holiday.


Apart from this, Eauzone for Modern Asian, Al Hadheerah for traditional Arabian, Zheng He’s Modern Chinese, Cle for Middle Eastern, Taste Kitchen for Modern European, Hakkasan for Chinese, Lemongrass for Thai, etc. are some of the best restaurants in Dubai. You would also find some of the best restaurants in Dubai Mall, Mall of Emirates and other popular malls and shopping complexes in the city. With a never-ending list of restaurants, landmarks and hidden attractions in Dubai, your holiday would definitely be an exciting experience.