A One-Stop Guide to Dubai in December 

Dubai in December

Waiting for the right time to hit Dubai and watch its swankiest belongings? No weather is better than winters. Get into trousers and long-sleeved tops with sunglasses and ditch those knee-length woolen jackets, as Dubai’s winter is unique. It is pleasantly warm and not at all snowy. The sky is blue and the sun is shining with the day temperature rising to 31C sometimes. It is not too hot but could be humid.

Since Dubai in December experiences the high peak season and the perfect time for sightseeing, you would be travelling along with a sea of other enthusiasts. But the great weather, incredible discounts and attractive combo tours make it worth every effort.

A. Why Visit Dubai in December?

Dubai is a city with umpteen outdoor adventures.  During summer, the emirate is hot and dry making it uncomfortable for tourists to enjoy such activities. To make the most of your trip, the winter months offer pleasant and comfortable weather. There are a lot of reasons to visit Dubai in December:

  • Soothing Weather

You might be roaming in your hometown by donning layers of jackets and sweaters. In contrast, Dubai offers soothing tropical weather where you can experience warm days and cold nights. It is not the scorching heat of the sun but the pleasant temperatures that help you take a plunge in the water, go on hikes, and explore the attractions without sweating.

  • A Series of Festivals and Events

Dubai in December is lit with party balls, fireworks, and glitzy lights everywhere. The city is known for its extravagant celebrations and bonanzas. From the lively processions out on the UAE National Day to epic Burj Khalifa New Year’s fireworks, the city is soaked in the spirits of festivals. It also celebrates Christmas at various landmarks, malls, and entertainment venues.

  • Shopping Discounts

You might have heard that Dubai in December is the peak season when the prices are soaring. However, the biggest shopping extravaganza, DSF kicks off in December. It is a month-long festival of discounts, offers, and rewards for the most prized brands. The year-end sales and promotions make it a perfect time for shopping enthusiasts.

B. Weather in Dubai in December

In December, when most parts of the world are cocooned in blankets, Dubai gets pleasant sunlight. The temperature in Dubai in December escalated between 23°C to 28°C in the day and 16°C to 19°C at night. It creates a favorable climate for tourists to explore and wander around. December is perfect for outdoor exploration, beach getaways, and desert safaris.

Sunlight Hours: There are 8 to 9 hours of sunlight in a day.
Rain: It is dry in December with minimum rainfall.

C. What to Wear in December in Dubai? 

It’s never cold in Dubai and thus, even in December when the world is hit by snowstorms and people are wrapped in blankets, Dubai enjoys hours of sunshine and plenty of daylight.

  • For a tourist, we would suggest you wear cotton and linen dresses which could avoid any humidity woes.
  • Sun is always present in the sky and thus, get away from the nasty sunburn by wearing sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat.
  • In the evening, the air could get colder for which you must carry a cardigan or light sweater.
  • Needless to say, Dubai is a part of an Islamic country and thus, dressing modestly is the key. Read our guide to dress code in Dubai.

D. What to Do in Dubai in December?

Whether you are a shopping freak, food connoisseur,  music aficionado, sightseer, or adventure-obsessed, Dubai will sit on your dream list like no other destination. From summer-like Christmas to crazy New Year’s Eve, the city is brimming with the best things to do in December.

1. Book Desert Safari Dubai

Sunny Leone enjoying the Rayna desert safari in Dubai.

The desert climate is already hot and dry. In December, it becomes sane and sustainable. Take advantage of the weather to revel in the world’s most cultured and charming camp set in the desert. The desert safari is the definition of Dubai’s thrill and warm reception. With the dune bashing on the undulated sand, camel riding like the old days, quad biking in the heroic gear, and dining in the majlis-styled setting, a desert safari is everything extraordinary. At this peak time, tourists who want an escape from the crowd could book a private desert safari.

2. Go skiing at Ski Dubai

Ski Dubai has a temperature-controlled environment.

One of the most exciting things to do in Dubai in December is go for polar activities. If you have a chilly and teeth-stuttering winter concept in your head and the warm winters of Dubai are not going down well for you, Ski Dubai is the respite you need. The temperature in the city is around 25C while you duck inside the Ski and it will make you numb with minus one or two degrees Celsius. Spend a day or just an hour and go down the slope.  Bask in the snow with the family as you ski, snowboard, meet the penguins, zip line, or take a chairlift ride.

3. Sail the Marina/ Creek

Dubai Dhow Cruise
Visiting Dubai in December? Sail on the beautiful dhow cruise.

The dhow cruise in Dubai is a popular choice for any kind of traveler, be it someone who seeks sightseeing or dances for entertainment. The dhow is a traditional boat that has been revamped into an elegant floating restaurant that has floor-to-ceiling glass walls, where you can sit inside and dine like nowhere else. Or you can immerse in the beauty of Dubai in December from the top floor. Choose your path according to what you want to see, the opulence of New Dubai through Marina or the preserved heritage of Old Dubai through Creek. When traveling to Dubai in December, don’t miss the New Year Party on dhow cruise as it is packed with fascinating elements. You can check out the guide to learn more about how to choose the best dhow cruise Dubai.

4. Take a walk through the Dubai Miracle Garden

Dubai Miracle Garden
Dubai Miracle Garden keeps updating its floral renditions every year.

Dubai in December looks like a spring month – thanks to this beautiful garden. Have you seen millions of fresh flowers blooming in a place? If flowers are something of fascination, Dubai Miracle Garden is a staged art of thousands of flower species. The garden features astounding creations, sculptures, and designs that will blow your mind. The giant Mickey Mouse, Emirates A380 superjumbo aircraft, heart-shaped pathway, Butterfly Garden are the few trending attractions. This Guinness World Record holder is the world’s largest and epic flower arrangement.

5. Check out the festivals 

  • Christmas 
Christmas is celebrated with great pomp and show in Dubai.

Although UAE is a Muslim country, there is no dearth of Christmas celebrations here. Dubai leaves no stone unturned to make this eve remarkable for its residents and visitors with all kinds of festivities. The restaurants have opened their exquisite menu to enjoy the lunches and brunches, hotels have popped up  beautiful Christmas trees and major landmarks have Santa Clauses surprising the kids. To try something out of the box, go beyond the shimmering skyscrapers, camping in the mountains or desert.

  • New Year’s Eve 
New Year Celebrations at Atlantis the Palm
Atlantis The Palm organizes one of the biggest galas with a buffet in New Year.

Fancy a New Year party at the rooftop bar or on a grand cruise or in the middle of the desert? Be it the land, water, or sand, there are numerous things to do on New Year in Dubai. Watch the world’s tallest building wrapped with the most striking decor and dazzling fireworks. The Palm, The Jumeirah, the Zero Gravity Club, and The Burj Al Arab are a few landmarks to witness when the clock strikes midnight. You do not have to be a spendthrift to enjoy the extravaganzas here, as several places give free access to glance at the NYE fireworks. You can even throw a New Year Party at a dhow cruise in Dubai to celebrate it with your loved ones in the royal way.

  • Dubai Shopping Festival 
Dubai Mall
Dubai Mall is the biggest hots of DSF.

The blockbuster sales of high-end fashion, electronics, furnishings, and a lot more lure travellers from across the globe. DSF is a five-star city-wide event where luxurious malls to small outlets are flooded with celebrities’ favorite brands and dresses at 75-90% discounts. Besides the amazing deals, indulge in rewards and raffles, where one gets millions of cash and gold. Additional concerts, food stalls, dazzling fireworks, and pop-up shows keep the visitors engaged in this one of the popular festivals in Dubai.

  • UAE National Day 
There are numerous shows on the UAE National Day, held in December.

The 2nd of December is observed as the UAE National Day. Dubai is brimming with breathtaking fireworks, street shows, magical concerts, grand entertainment, interesting parades, and lively clubs throughout the week. Travelers can go on a roll with the special offers on the parks and resorts. The kids love this time of the month because of such bountiful offerings everywhere.

  • Meydan Horse Racing Season 

This is the world’s richest race day. Stretched for a mile long, the grandstand holds 60,000 spectators. It is a highly competitive and reinvigorating time. It runs concurrently with the international Dubai World Cup Carnival. Accompanied by great facilities and services, such as dining the audience’s experience is more of a laid-back watching. 

6. Try Hot Air Balloon Ride

Balloons flying in early morning red sky
The view from the hot air balloon ride is exceptional.

Float 4,000 ft above the endless Arabian desert and watch the majestic view of sunrise from the hot air balloon. A cold breeze flows in the early mornings of December in Dubai giving you a splash of joy and happiness. Capture this stunning visual as you juggle between getting your adrenaline rushing at such whopping height and admiring the once-in-a-lifetime sunrise view.

7. La Mer

Want to experience spring in winter? Visit the famous beachside La Mer Dubai. This is one of the new addresses for people who want to eat, unwind, or just hang out. Besides sitting on the breezy waterfront promenade, take a look at the graffiti art murals or stroll along the nature-verified boardwalks. In this 1.24 million square meters, get ready to experience the vibe of Malaysia. Interestingly, it is also one of the vantage places to watch the fireworks and ring in the New Year. The promenade is dotted with a range of restaurants and cafes. Slurp the spicy Indian curries or dig into the Belgian waffles,

E. Best Tips to Visit Dubai in December

  • Dubai in December is generally mild, but it is always good to keep a check on the weather. This can help you pack the clothes according to the season.
  • The weather can still turn dry at some point in time, so it’s always a good idea to keep yourself hydrated.
  • Be mindful of the local customs and dress code in Dubai and respect the religious and government sites.
  • Check the schedule for Christmas and New Year’s events, as well as the Dubai Shopping Festival if it aligns with your visit.
  • Dubai has an efficient and modern public transportation system. To save your money, consider using the metro, buses, or taxis to navigate the city.


Is December a good time to visit Dubai?

Yes, Dubai is one of the top places to visit in December. It flaunts beach-friendly weather, outdoor adventures, exciting festivals, and fewer crowds than January.

Is Dubai hot in December?

Dubai has a mild weather in December. It might not be as cold as in London, but the temperatures significantly drop from the end of October. It is not as scorching as the summer months. It has ideal weather for outdoor treks, taking a plunge in the water parks, or sitting in the open-air restaurants.

Is Dubai crowded in December?

There is a massive influx of tourists in December. The pleasant weather and an amazing array of festivals attract people from all over the world. The booking of hotels, resorts and museums rise, so oit's advisable to book in advance. Despite the crowd, it is one of the best times to see the city come alive.

What is the average cost of a trip to Dubai in December?

The total cost of visiting Dubai in December depends highly on your interests, the number of days of your stay, and your preferences for activities.  A mid-budget trip can cost around $1000-$2500. There are luxurious hotels, restaurants, and transfers that can expand your budget beyond $2500.

Is Dubai expensive in December?

December is not one of the cheapest months in Dubai. The entire world is enjoying the school holidays and Christmas in this winter month. So, this is one of the peak seasons in the city. You can expect a higher price for hotels and resorts.

Can I swim in Dubai in December?

Yes, December's temperatures are ideal for swimming.


While December brings lovely weather to Dubai, it is also perfect for all sorts of outdoor entertainment, lounging on beaches and dining in the sky. Get your tickets for Dubai this December and enjoy an unparalleled vacation.

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