Adventure Activities in Dubai to give you an Adrenaline Rush!

activities in dubai

Thanks to the combination of sand, sea and sky that Dubai is a little extra in the adrenaline department. Stop your hunt for the interesting and amusing adventure with these top 10 activities.

When you see Dubai’s skyline, know about its journey from a fishing village to the most modern city, and discover its endless activities and entertainment, you realise this is a perfect trip. It is redefining luxury on one side while on other upgrading the challenges of adventurers. It is the ultimate paradise for heroic travellers.

At Dubai, adventure comes in most various forms- unlike anywhere else. You want to dive in the deep water along with the sharks, jump off the sky, ride at mind-blowing speed on the desert or ski on the ice- the city covers everything and is one stop destination to race your heart.

Get ready to roll and dare yourself with these action-packed activities:

1.Desert Safaris


Desert Safari Dubai is one of the most exhilarating things to do. The dune bashing in the luxurious 4WD vehicle in the long stretch of Arabian desert, offers excitement, thrill and surprises. The sand is as low as underground and as high as multiple storeys. The vehicle plummets feet down, then rises and whizzes through the sand making you scream and bounce with enthusiasm. The driver is a professional and is the best in what he does. Later there is a trail of events, like sand boarding, quad biking, camel riding, live shows and buffet in the camp.

2.Quad biking


Not a very intimidating activity, but a really fun one. A quad bike is a four-wheeled all-terrain vehicle. It defines an easy riding technique and thus, anybody could learn it in seconds. The vehicle features four wide tyres, light body, and a powerful engine to let you explore the desert in your own terms, effortlessly. It is optional in the desert safaris package yet extremely popular amongst both locals as well as tourists. Few desert safaris provide the dune buggy riding instead of this. The sandboarding accentuates the thrill thereafter.

3.Hot air Balloon

Hot air Balloon

We all have gone aww and our jaws have touched the floor when a movie clip shows the hot air balloon flying over the sea or ocean. Dubai does it a tad different but audaciously. In the itinerary of the morning desert safari in Dubai, the hot air balloon carries you and takes you hundreds of feet above the desert. Set against the backdrop of Dubai skyline and the early fresh sunrise, you get a fascinating panoramic view of the oasis. The city looks stunning and you can hear your heart thumping as the balloon soars high and higher.

4.Burj Khalifa Pinnacle Base Jump

You would be chewing your nails when you will find out that you are going to jump from the world’s tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa. Wasn’t I right? While taking a glance of the city from the 148th floor (the highest observation deck) is simply arousing, but standing at the 163rd floor and looking down would give you goosebumps. Head on, because this is going to feed your inner daredevil as you fall from the top, an altitude of 2,720 feet and roar with ‘Wow’ at every second you are descending. You will be equipped with the right gadgets and have a precise landing.

5.Skydiving over the Palm Jumeirah


Since you are in Dubai, escaping the Palm Islands and three of its artificial islands Palm Jumeirah, Deira Island and Palm Jebel Ali is never a choice. But let’s do it in an unforgettable way- from the sky. We aren’t kidding! Here is the chance to soar and glide like a bird- it is the crazy few minutes of free fall from an altitude of 14,000 feet above the sea level and swoops down to this stunning coastal land. You are sitting in a helicopter, then the guide would open the doors and give you a thumbs up to fall. As you are gathering your nerves, flying across the wind, admiring the bird-eye views, and shouting at your loudest pitch, the parachutes suddenly release when you get near to the land and you land as you should.



Dubai has some picturesque beaches where you find excellent opportunities to indulge in water skiing, kayaking, parasailing, fishing, snorkelling and a lot more. But beyond that, we have the mother of all, flyboard. Also termed as hydro flying, the sport is a lot more stimulating than it looks. It is one of the terrific inventions in water sports, for which the trainers are available to help with it, in case it’s your first time. A board with a hose is tied like your shoes, which is already attached with the jet ski engine. The engine runs and pumps the water which comes out of the hose and propels the human to rise as high as fifteen feet, after a while he topples over, diving to about three feet underwater, all at a speed of 150Kph. You have to manoeuvre on the board to gain maximum delight.

7.Seaplane Flight


When in Rome, do as the Romans do. Dubai is known for being lavish and royal. And getting around here should be done in the same style. To keep up the status of the game, tour on the seaplane. What’s the highlight- it takes off from the cerulean water of the seas. You will board the flight, buckle up, sit back and marvel the beauty of the incredible city, while the guide/pilot details you on the headphones on what landmarks are coming in the way. This 45-minute journey will leave you spellbinding as the iconic buildings and areas, from Burj Khalifa and Bird Al Arab to Palm Jumeirah and the Persian Gulf unveils one after another.

8.Scuba Diving with Sharks


It is safe! You must be visiting Dubai Mall as it has tons of activities in its basket for all ages. Charter your family entertainment with the diving in the world’s largest aquarium, Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo. In the 10-million later tank, come face-to-face with the deadliest predators alive on the earth. It would be as wonderful as you would have done in an open ocean. It owns 33,000 marine animals, including 400 rays and sharks, and the world’s biggest collection of Sand Tiger shark. If this scares you, get yourself a seat behind the feeding divers who would take you on an educational trip on how the sharks are fed and cared.

9.Ice Skiing

ski dubai

You are going to love this- when the entire city is sweating out in the scorching heat, this zone is freezing. Ski Dubai in the Mall of the Emirates is a snow park, a slope, a penguin hub, a zip line area and also a ski school. So, that means you are going to ski, snowboard, zip line, toboggan, bump into penguins, gaze from the chairlift ride or merely snow fight. In an area of 22,500 sqm, there is a range of activities and attractions, from the world’s first indoor black diamond run to giant zorbing ball. Later heat it up with a cup of hot coffee at Avalanche and Ice Café. And you don’t need to bring your winter attire, Ski Dubai has the requisite gear.



Not a normal zip line, but the world’s longest urban zip line is in Dubai. Located in Dubai Marina above the Dubai fountain, stretching through the soaring skyscraper, launched by XDubai- with 16 degrees inclination and 80kph speed, it is one of the steepest and fastest zip lines you would have ever done. And as you hold onto it, what grips you is the impressive and shimmering Dubai Marina below. In hustling between whether to relive in the action or enjoy the unmatched sight of the world-class architecture, you have an experience of a lifetime. So, strap on your harness and see you on the other side.

Get you Dubai passport, don your sports shoes and live the best of your life .

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